Shinkansen High Speed ​​Line Japan

Shinkansen high-speed train
Shinkansen high-speed train

📩 15/05/2021 18:54

Japan is the first country to use high-speed trains. The construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen High Speed ​​Line between Tokyo and Osaka was started for the first time in 1959. Shinkansen High Speed ​​Line, which was opened in 1964, is the busiest high-speed train line in the world. The 210 km journey, which was completed in 4 hours at 553 km / h when the line was first opened, today takes 270 hours at a speed of 2,5 km / h. While 30 million passengers were transported with 30 trains per day on this high-speed train line, which was unique 44 years ago, today 2452 million passengers are carried annually on the Shinkansen network, which has a total length of 305 kilometers.

Shinkansen has the potential to surpass more passengers than any high speed train in the world, including other lines in Japan. Japan continues to be the first in high speed train. X Maglev eden, which is directly contactless with the rail in 2003, only a few millimeters above the track, reached a speed of 581 kilometers per hour, setting a new world record.

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