President Topbaş 3. Answered the questions about the Bosphorus Bridge

Topbaş answered the question of "What is the situation that comes to an end after the drilling works on the third bridge?"
Giving information about the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Topbaş said, “The bridge has a goal like 2016. The first piles were thrown north. The reason for the desire to be as far north as possible is that the land acquisition costs should not be high. Let it pass through public lands and not destroy nature too much. It will make a very important contribution to Istanbul because the second bridge has become the inner city bridge and 35 thousand trucks and trucks pass through here. Such intense mobility affects the transportation in the city negatively, especially in the rains and winter months, causing traffic congestion for hours.
Likewise, it is targeted to be finished as 2015 and 2016 as a target in the passage of rubber wheel tube. It will also provide an important transition to the city. It will reduce the crossings on the bridge. On the other hand, Marmaray, which will come into operation as of the end of 2013, will engage a large system that will carry 150 thousand passengers per hour. ”
Topbas, the other issue they emphasize and the other issue on the passage of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, stating that, said:
”The passage of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge is a system in which we expect around a million passengers a day. A mechanism, which will come from Hacı Osman to Yenikapı in the north-south line in Istanbul, thus reducing the density on the Unkapanı Bridge, Galata Bridge and reflecting the urban mobility, will come into play. We aim to complete it with Marmaray as of the end of 2013. The bridge is currently erected. Platforms are placed. And how weak, thin platforms you can see. As others have claimed, if that wireless system was built there, the thickness of those platforms would have varied between 8 and 13 meters. If you were to see a huge mass, that would be the apocalypse. In 1996, 11 similar projects came to the board in 1 and the board rejected them at that time. This is the most elegant and delicate bridge that will not be felt much. As 200 million people cross over that bridge, it will have become a very important viewing platform. Those who pass will see. Anyway, even XNUMX thousand people will not pass through the Unkapanı Bridge. Because now it is necessary to evaluate the event that will be the main line.

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