Turkey should develop its rail and sea transport to logistics bases

It changed the balance of trade in the world and said that this would increase the likelihood that DHL Supply Chain logistics bases in Turkey Turkey General Manager Hakan Folded, "I need to create Logistics villages. Strategic planning is also required. It's not enough to load the road. Easy port and rail connections are a must.

DHL is the world's largest company in logistics. DHL Supply Chain Company's Supply and Logistics Solution Company. DHL is located in almost every country in the world and DHL Supply Chain in 75. DHL Supply Chain Turkey General Manager Hakan we met with Folded. We talked to Hakan Kırımlı about the effects of the changes in the economic balances in the world on the logistics sector and the changes experienced.

  • First, let us know. You have graduated from Boğaziçi University Business Administration Department. I'm going to ask before. What was your first work experience? Where were you born, in which schools did you study?

I was born in Istanbul. I studied at Boğaziçi University. Before him Kabataş I finished High School. I did banking for 2 years. I also worked while doing a master. After working at the Foreign Trade Bank, I changed the sector.

  • Have you worked before while studying? How did you earn the first money in your life?

I studied with a scholarship. Kabataş I taught private lessons while I was in high school. I can say that I made my first money at that time. I had little experience with work. We used to make a paper bag in secondary school and sell it to marketers. After working in the bank for 2 years, I moved to Vepa Group. At that time, Vepa was a group of companies, Vepa had 7 companies. I did not have a plan to work at the bank, I knew that I wanted to deal with the product instead of money. Vepa had stores at that time. The main job was cosmetics. I gained experience in the field of sales and marketing there. I left there at the general manager level. I worked for 9 years. Spar Dutch chain passed to him. There have been rapid developments. Fiba Holding took Spar. Their supermarket brand was GİMA. He was united under an umbrella. Doğuş Group also took Macro at that time. I went there as general manager. I worked in these jobs until DHL.

  • DHL world giant. Market leader in many countries. How much size in Turkey?

DHL Supply Chain is a very important structure in DHL. 75 have in the country DHL Supply Chain. DHL 200 is present in the country. I can say that the country does not reach DHL Express. DHL is the world's largest logistics company. Supply Chain DHL's supply chain. 52 has a size of over 1 billion euros.

  • logistics sector has grown rapidly in Turkey. How much size DHL in Turkey?

Sector 80 billion pounds in size in Turkey. DHL Turkey has size over 1 billion pounds. 75 an important place in Turkey over the country. In Europe, Middle East and Africa Region. Small region as Eastern European countries. This group has 6 countries. Their turnover in the high country of Turkey. Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia ahead in Turkey. DHL Turkey in Group investments in priority countries. An aggressive growth plan is in place. There are serious expectations.

  • How much growth showed last year?

2011'da 35'da grew. 2012'da 20'ye expect to grow. Turkey continues to amaze with the growth rate.

  • Did the tension with Syria have no effect?

It did not. There is no impact on logistics.

  • Turkey is striving to make a breakthrough in exports. The logistics sector is a very important part of this. 2023 to achieve their goals in the logistics sector in Turkey needs a breakthrough. What should be done first?

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is coordinating. A board was established. Preparing Logistics Master Plan. We're in it. This plan is very important. Turkey's logistics centers should be 2023 to achieve the export target, which is to say, the logistics villages. Turkey should be logistics base in the region.

  • No law of logistics in Turkey ...

Yeah. Turkey's legislation has no logistics. In order to achieve great goals, they need to be government policy rather than government. We need the law. This law should be a law that is seen in the world. Breakthrough in this field in Turkey. The World Bank also has work on logistic bases. There are very important changes in the region.

  • What are they?

There are also infrastructure investments in Turkey. In these studies it appears in the xnumx'ünc between Turkey 155 countries. Infrastructure investments, import-export figures, customs clearance are looked at to say this. There are problems in legislation in Turkey. These need to change. Need speed. Logistic centers are needed.

  • This has been said for a very long time. As well as a limited alternative transportation facilities in Turkey. Is there a logistic base by road transport only?

Logistics villages need to be created. These are also scheduled. But as you say, these are one of the most important parts. Strategic planning is also required. The highway isn't enough, it's not enough now.

  • There is an example of Germany. DHL's headquarters are there. Economic balances are changing in the world. What Turkey's advantages?

The balance of trade in the world is changing. Import-export balances are changing. This change increases the likelihood that a logistics base in Turkey. Seaworthy, road and air-related features are required. It's not enough to be on the road just like we said before. management of goods from Turkey in accordance with the appropriate transition. For this to happen, rapid change of structure and superstructure is a must. Easy port and rail connections are essential.

Rail use% 5

  • How much is currently being used in railway transportation?
    Railroads are used around the 5 percent in Turkey. Connections are important in combined transport. Turkey should use much more of the sea and railways.

Being a logistics base means that the movement is quick to get in and out. There is a need for legal arrangements to ensure this. The weight on the DHL Supply Chain is on the road. 9 share of air, sea and rail.

  • Which sectors do you serve the most?

We serve the most health, automotive and consumers. The retail sector has also grown in recent years. The automotive sector is also important for DHL. Technology, health, automotive, retail sectors are important for us. In Turkey, the market leader in the technology sector. We are working with all the technology company in Turkey.

  • How much is your storage space?

21 370 thousand square meters in different locations. 400 is reaching a thousand square meters soon. An important size in this sector. DHL facilities are open ahead in the industry. We have cold stores for our food services, we keep products in different heat areas. We keep frozen products in minus 25 degree, we ship in cold environment. We also have cold areas of 2-8 degrees. We have different vehicle fleets and suppliers for the food, pharmaceutical, consumer and automotive sectors. We have 180 vehicles. This number with the strategic partners. When we look at the vehicle movement, we have a vehicle movement on 6500 per month. We always follow the food and medicine products that are likely to deteriorate.

South Korea gets attacked

  • There is also mobility in the logistics industry. How did the competition affect you? European and American companies had unwavering power…

True, but there are companies in the Far East and Korea. And in some areas they started to take the lead. South Korea is in a significant breakthrough. The logistics sector will grow faster in Turkey. 3-4 longer be enjoying solid growth figures growth of Turkey. Currently the company's logistical needs in Turkey meets its own. These companies will give up this for different reasons.

Lack of qualified staff

  • As logistics sector grew in recent years, logistics departments were opened in universities. There is also a shortage of qualified personnel in the sector. Are university departments open enough?

There is still a need for schools to train personnel in the logistics sector. Slowly started to open. Shortage of qualified staff continues. We recruit logistics graduates. We also need staff who serve different sectors. We also need a carpenter who assembles furniture for the chemical engineer. Therefore, logistics is an important sector.

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