Brazil 26 Bin 700 Wants to Carry Formula

The Brazilian government is considering what to do with the 15 wagons, locomotives and freight carriers that were left out of use and idle 26 years ago with the privatization of the state railways. How does the idle wagons and locomotives, which came to the agenda upon the application of the railway transporters union, contribute to the economy? kazanThe search for a solution is continuing. While discussing which institution the wagons and locomotives rusted on the rails and become unusable belong to and how they will be removed, there is a confusion of authority.
In the meeting organized by the Ministry of Transport and the current rail transport and transport system of Brazil, support will be received from the private sector for the removal of the wagons spoken. In addition, Brazil, which wants to renew its rail systems by the end of 2030, plans to switch to world-class railway transportation.

Source: Haberimport

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