Van Lake will be a bridge between continents in railway transportation

Ak Party Van lawmakers made a joint statement regarding two new ferries to Van Lake.
MPs, Burhan Kayatürk,
Fatih Farmer, Mustafa Bilici, in a written statement made by Gülşen Orhan, from Europe to Central Asian countries and Turkey over the Lake Van in terms of rail freight and passenger transport to European countries that have a very strategic location specified. In the statement stated that with the start of the construction of new ferries for the passage of Van Lake, it is aimed to provide a continuous railway corridor from London to China in the transport corridors between Europe and Asia. As it is known, the railway connection extending to Istanbul Haydarpaşa and Tehran, the capital of Iran, is over Van Lake. provided by ferries. Turkey's continuing two ferries and construction work on the dry dock and pier needed to build their Central Asian reach by rail to the country to strengthen the single route to Lake Van ferry transportation and the ongoing manufacturing work to accelerate. Within the scope of these studies; 90 percent of the dry pool construction has been completed. Construction of the last part cover and pump room is ongoing. It is planned to be completed by the end of July 2012. Scaffolding anchor, locking structure of the Van Pier to which the ships will berth, construction of the ramp pillar is expected to be completed at the end of October. Sheet metal processing of one of the ferries
60 percent completed is targeted to be delivered in 2013. The second ferry and project completion date is planned as 2014. ”

Source: News

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