Bursa T1 1st Stage Tram Line Construction Construction Tender Result

Bursa T1 Tram Map
Bursa T1 Tram Map

Bursa Transportation - Public Transport Management Industry. ve Tic. A.S. (BURULAŞ), "Bursa T1-1. Stage Tram Line Construction Work" tender was held on 25 June 2012. Estimated cost: 25.255.610,76 TL 6 companies submitted bids for the tender.

1) Coopsette Soc.Coop
unit price offer: 19.065.234,24 TL lump price offer: 22.580.528,42 TL
total: 41.645.762,66 TL

2) Gülermak Inc.
unit price offer: 13.985.595,88 TL lump price offer: 11.919.095,21 TL
total: 25.904.691,09 TL

3) EM Elektrik Sistemleri Ltd. Sti
unit price offer: 10.121.604,21 TL lump price offer: 11.350.003,75 TL
total: 21.471.607,96 TL

4) Comsa SA
unit price offer: 10.333.348,91 TL lump price offer: 7.645.274,58 TL
total: 17.978.623,49 TL

5) Öztimur Building Project
unit price offer: 10.580.086,00 TL lump price offer: 11.040.914,00 TL
total 21.621.000,00

6) Özen Technical Consultancy

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