3. Will the bridge be completed in 36 months?

In the third bridge tender, yesterday financial offers were opened. 28 company has examined the tender file 11 company has received the specification and 5 company offer came
The third bridge tender concluded on the 559th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul. Turkish IC İçtaş and Italian Astaldi won the tender with a low operating period of 10 years, 2 months and 20 days. The Cengiz-Limak-Kolin-Makyol-Kalyon partnership gave the closest operation period proposal with 14 years 9 months and 19 days. The new bridge will be operational in 6.
Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced the result of yesterday's tender. According to the news of the evening newspaper; Minister Yıldırım said that the bridge legs of the Salini-Gülermak project are excluded from the assessment. Stating that the investment cost of the project will be 2.5 billion liras, Yıldırım emphasized that the feet were asked to be on land especially in order to prevent damage in a possible marine accident. Yıldırım pointed out that May 29 is the 559th Anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul and said, "Therefore, today we are announcing the company that will wear the 3rd neck in Istanbul."
There is also a train pass
Stating that the investment amount of the bridge is 2.5 billion dollars, that is 4.5 billion liras, Yıldırım said, 'We do not include the price. If we give the company additional work, this price will not increase. Then the operation time will be longer, "he said. Yıldırım stated that their goal was to complete the bridge in 36 months and put it into service by the end of 2015 at the latest, and stated that the construction should start at the end of this year. Yıldırım also pointed out that there will be a train passage in the project.
6 will start in months
Yıldırım noted that the company will start work on financing on the other hand, and if it cannot find financing, the partnership should start building with equity. Yıldırım said, 'We put a limit on the company for this. He found a loan in 6 months, if he can not find it, he should start with his own resources. There is no problem of not finding a loan anyway. It surely finds. It is a project that everyone will lend. '
'Crazy offer'
Mehmet Cengiz Cengiz İnşaat Chairman of the Board: We call this offer a 'crazy offer'. It seems difficult to perform. We do not see the possibility. It is still very difficult if you bridge the tree in these conditions. Everyone's yogurt is different. We'll wait and see.
Süleyman Varlıbaş Varyap Chairman of the Board of Directors: The fact that the Turkish contractors will do the project is very happy. Surely they have made the feasibility bid given by him. Negative comment is not ours. For the Turkish economy, I hope that it will be beneficial for the winning group.
Nihat Özdemir Limak Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors: Everyone has an account-book. To respect, to congratulate. Good luck.
Ebru Özdemir Limak Holding Board Member: We have really worked hard, we have worked hard. By establishing a consortium of five, we have accounted in every aspect, our goal was to put a serious capital and do a quick job. They must have accounted for themselves. Congratulations.
Emin Sazak Yüksel Construction Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: There is a 40 difference between the first offer and the second offer. I think the winning group will be able to do this job.
If the 135 thousand vehicles do not pass a day, the government will pay the difference
In the first tender held on January 10, while no companies submitted bids, some changes were made in the project.
The 414-kilometer highway was removed from the North Marmara Highway Project, which also includes the bridge, leaving only a 100-kilometer road.
The daily traffic guarantee of the bridge was increased from 100 to 135 vehicles.
The burden of expropriation was taken from the back of the firms.
If you do not pass 135 thousand vehicles per day, the vehicle toll will be paid by the state.
If the vehicle passes above this, the gain will be of IC İçtaş-Astaldi.
Transactions in the bridge construction process will be exempt from VAT.
This exemption is expected to earn the company's 500 million dollar contribution.

Source: T24

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