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2011-2012 Base Systems for Rail Systems Engineering

Based on the results of 2011-2012 placement, the base and ceiling scores, quotas of universities with the Department of Rail Systems Engineering are listed in the Section of University Name Point Type Count. Ground. Smallest Score Biggest Score Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering MF-4 52 [more…]

catenary maintenance vehicle for sale

TCDD Catenary Maintenance Bus Technical Specification

0.0.0. Purpose This specification has been prepared to determine the technical characteristics of the building car to be used in the establishment and operation (measurement, maintenance, repair and adjustment) of the railway electrification fixed facilities in accordance with the technological rules and the conditions to be sought in the purchase. 0.0.1. Scope [more…]

49 Germany

U7 Berlin subway

Berlin's U7 line has a total of 40 stops and is 31,8 km long. The line starts at Spandau, passes under Neukölln and ends at Rudow. The U7 line was originally a side line of today's U6 line, and Seestraße and Grenzallee [more…]

22 Edirne

Machinist training full throttle

The training of mechanics who will use the vehicles in the Marmaray to be opened continues. One of the most important transport for the Marmaray project of the century in Adapazarı assembly of the cars and locomotives imported from South Korea sets made in Turkey Wagon Industry Plant. Assembled [more…]

35 Izmir

He missed the plane and paid for it!

The sister-brother, who missed the plane due to the failure of the high-speed train while going to Adnan Menderes Airport, sued İZBAN and got the ticket money back. İsmail K. filed a lawsuit against İZBAN through his lawyer Ufuk Kula. The plane holding İZBAN 233 lira at the verdict [more…]

01 Adana

There are 2 strikes in TCDD

TCDD General Directorate stated that the regional trains running between Mersin and Adana and trains other than Istanbul suburban trains continue their services. In the statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, it was stated that there was a work stoppage action by the civil servant unions, however, Ankara, Eskişehir and [more…]


TCDD took measures against '' civil servant action ''

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), official trade unions to prevent negative effects of the passengers from the action agreed to be done today in a statement from TCDD was reported that all necessary measures are taken, said the action decided on May 22 at 13.00:XNUMX onwards TCDD train [more…]

15 Burdur

BURTÜKODER collects signatures for passenger train

Burdur Consumers Protection Association, 2008 in order to restart the abandoned passenger transportation in the Republic square signatures by opening a signature campaign was organized. C TCDD launched 1936 in our province and 72 year in which the freight and passenger transportation [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Test of the Metrobus of the People of Istanbul

Metrobus, which is the easiest way to go from one place to another with the metro in Istanbul, is now turning into an ordeal for the citizens… Yesterday, there was a big action at the Şirinevler / Ataköy metrobus stop. At the stop where approximately 100-150 people accumulate, [more…]


Hayas Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS

Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, said, "Is it possible to build a tram in Eskişehir or not?" put an end to his arguments. Underlining that TÜLOMSAŞ is a great economic value, Avcı said, “Let them go and ask Türk Loydu, he can build a tram. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tram rail broke foot

The invisible accident in Beyoğlu İstiklal Street resulted in a young woman breaking her leg. Elif Çalışır, who went to shop on İstiklal Street, fell to the ground when her feet got stuck on the rail where the wheel of the tram passed. To the aid of the young woman who was writhing in pain and unable to hold back her tears [more…]

34 Istanbul

Strike Shot Commuter Expeditions

Haydarpaşa-Pendik-Haydarpaşa flights could not be made due to the officers affiliated with the KESK on strike. 25 Billion TL Fight in Civil Servant Hike The unions affiliated with Memur-Sen, Eğitim Bir-Sen, KESK and Kamu-Sen, who did not accept the 2012-3.5 percent rate announced by the government as the final limit [more…]


Heartfelt Trains ...

Heartfelt Trains "Unused material resources are not necessarily lost, but unused human resources are always destroyed." Jerome Wiesner Determining the number and qualifications of the people it will need in advance in order to effectively achieve its future goals. [more…]