BTSO and Sakarya TSO Signed Strategic Cooperation Protocol

btso and sakarya tso sign strategic cooperation protocol
btso and sakarya tso sign strategic cooperation protocol

Turkey's Marmara Basin shaping the economy the two most important production center in Bursa and Istanbul, have joined forces to cooperate in strategic sectors. A strategic cooperation protocol was signed between Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bursa and moving together to Sakarya, Turkey's objectives. Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, and Akgün Altuğ, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sakarya TSO signed a protocol to strengthen the relations between the two Chambers in high value-added areas. BCCI Altıparmak Representative Speaking at the program organized in the Hall of BCCI president Burkay, 15 billion dollars, export performance, 21 Organized Industrial Zone and Bursa with its production experience with it is one of the leading cities contributing to Turkey's development goals, he said.


President Burkay, Turkey's 2023, 2053 and said it was an important step to move along the city of Bursa and Sakarya 2071 to achieve their goals. Ibrahim Burkay stated that BTSO has great experience in export, value-added production and qualified employment of Bursa business world. Başarılı We aim to carry our production experience in automotive, machinery and textile fields to our strategic areas. At this point, TEKNOSAB is continuing its infrastructure works with the identity of a high technology production center from the digital transformation center Bursa Model Factory; Turkey's first space-themed educational center, Uludag from guhem Lifelong Learning Center; UR & D projects of the Global Trade signatures to study an example for all chambers and commodity exchanges in Turkey have taken up the Agency. We will continue with the excitement and determination of the projects we have implemented with the support we received from our Bursa business world. Bursa


Burkay, who emphasized that the strategies implemented by the San Francisco Basin that direct the US economy and the Baden-Württemberg regions in Germany should be realized in the Marmara Basin, where important production centers such as Bursa and Sakarya are located, said: ine In this respect, this strategic cooperation protocol between two Chambers is of great importance. Our Republic 100. The development target for the establishment year is based on export-driven growth. We are aware that we cannot reach this goal with the classical industrial production. The way to reach our national income and export target per capita is to increase the share of value-added production. Turkey's leap of advanced production technology and to achieve this transition 1. It is possible with the reconstruction of the regional cities. 60, which is the 80 of our country's advanced technology export, meets the 1 of export in the middle advanced technologies. The region will still be wealth-producing center of Turkey. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry with this protocol, we take a historic step in order to mobilize strategic cooperation in different areas. Ticaret he said.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Akgün Altuğ said that the 34 occupational committee has an 102 year. The room is an active member of the 12 thousand, 1.500 record the presence of the manufacturer in the room around the Altuğ, esi Sakarya, 1 million in population as a city. We are faced with serious population growth after the earthquake. We are a producing city. The trade and service sector constitutes the 59 of the city economy. The share of industry in our city is 24. Our export is at 6 billion dollars. İhracat


Turkey contemporary civilization's President noted that exports play a key role in reaching the level Altug, "The only way out is our exports. We have to produce with this awareness and sell it to the world we produce. Automotive industry, machinery, rail systems and defense industry are our prominent sectors. We currently employ 50 thousand people in our OIZs. Our number of exporters is now around 400. Our goal is to increase our number of exporters to 1.000 and export to 10 billion dollars. We want to enter the first 5 province in export. We support entrepreneurs and bring them together with investors. We are also aiming to increase our number of OSB 9 to 11. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry projects are also closely followed. BTSO has carried out important works for digital transformation from export to employment. We want to implement BTSO's projects in Sakarya. I wish the protocol of strategic cooperation we signed will be beneficial to both our city and our country. İm

President of the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Talip Kuriş stated that the strategic cooperation between BTSO and Sakarya TSO would contribute to both cities and said: B In the coming period, every work to be done between the two rooms will return to our country as value. Sak


The protocol aims to provide the members of both chambers with access to international markets together, to carry out joint projects for technology development and innovation activities, and to develop strategic projects in general and vocational training for qualified workforce. BTSO and Sakarya TSO, which will work on the integration of transport, transportation and logistics infrastructure and the establishment of partnerships in high value-added projects, will work together to be a region where the strongest institutions that guide the country's targets, such as the San Francisco model of the Marmara Basin, are clustered.

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