The infrastructure works of TCDD were expensive for the private sector.

State railways cut the jobs of private rail companies, maintenance of existing roads and road productions for high-speed trains. Due to road closures, rail losses have been reduced by 50. TCDD, 2012 applied by the percentage of 15 hike in the companies again led to the road transport. But the private sector is still hopeful. İbrahim Öz, Chairman of the Railway Transportation Association, said: fakat Our members have suffered serious losses but we are unable to bear the roads because they are built for us. Hike was made to reduce the density of the railway. Together with the new law, we increase the share of the railway in 2023 to 20. Demir

The Railway Transport Association (DTD), which collects 55 under its umbrella, makes efforts for the liberalization of the railway since the day it was founded. Inal We have come to the end of the swim and we have come to the end, i said President Ibrahim Oz. He says he's instructed to get out soon. In the first quarter of 7 it will be final even if it is not the end of this year. Uz We believe that the law was not enacted as TCDD could not complete its infrastructure. This year 2013 took one of the locomotives and built 80 cars for about a thousand. They'il finish the road by the end of the year. For this reason, I think they delayed a bit, le Öz says. Underlining that they are hopeful of the railway and they are ready to make all kinds of investments, Öz said, but the railway companies do not plan to invest in the law.
He said that there are serious projects on the railways and that the infrastructure works continue. Ğ 11 has a thousand km railway line. The government will 'improve' these roads, as well as the 10 will make way for high-speed rail transport at a thousand km. Next to it, the 5 will make way for conventional freight transportation of one thousand km '. 45 is an investment that will exceed a billion dollars, X he said.

50 load loss per cent
Öz said that the road works were justified by the complaints of the private railway companies for losing their jobs. Our member companies have had difficulty in fulfilling their commitments with the industrialists, because 15-20 was the day. We were able to pull loads on the railway from the highway. We made contracts with companies but when there were delays, the companies terminated the contracts and returned to the highway again. Last year due to road closures in rail transports 50 head loss can be said. They say that these investments were made for private firms and we are forced to do so. 70 of the roads are completed and we believe that until the end of the year the others will end. Yol

Booths have troubles companies
Özdemir said that the TCDD had a three-month hike and that they started to carry the 15 with a hint of recipes in the new year. In the past, hikes were made in the summer, we did not feel much for the amount of load. Companies have enormous losses, companies that are in a very difficult situation. We reacted, but the hikes were not taken back. The reason was that they started to get quite a lot of complaints because of the road closures. Complaints were going up to the Prime Minister. TCDD also made these hikes to reduce the intensity T.
Global companies will start coming
Reminding that 25 million tons of freight were transported on the railways last year, Öz claimed that with the arrangements to be made, the amount of freight transported in the first place will increase to 50 million tons. Stating that DTD member companies carry 3 million tons of cargo with a total of 10 thousand wagons, Öz noted that TCDD has around 18 thousand wagons, but Turkish railways have much greater potential. Öz, “Ciner Group, Ankara KazanHe told TCDD that he promised 2 million tons of freight per year and asked TCDD to build a 24 km railway. They decided to start by making the infrastructure Ciner, expropriation and superstructure TCDD. There is Ankara Logistics Village 5 km ahead of this road. It also undertakes 1 million tons of cargo. The tender for the Erzin-Yumurtalık railway line has been made, and a minimum of 2 million tons of cargo will be transported on this line.
Mez In the case of the liberalization of the railway, we will deduct the share of the railway in 2023 in total freight and passenger transport at 20, demir he said. X No country in the world falls below 60 in any country. But we are not at the same percentage as 94. The share of railways in Europe is at least 10. And they started to encourage the railway more. State of the factories that produce in certain tonnage, you have to carry the tonnage of the railway, al encourages you to say. We believe in the future of this style incentives and sanctions in Turkey. We are hopeful about the future of the railway. Biz

Ine We can cooperate with Gulf countries “
President Özer, the liberalization came when the global company also said it will start to come to Turkey, "a sweet competition will begin. Our members have a total of around 3 bin wagon. But global companies will come with the 50 bin wagon. For this reason, we may have to create a power by merging, Bu he said.
Öz said that they are negotiating for cooperation with the Arab countries as an association., The Gulf countries will be invested in 150 billion dollars. We told railroad investments when they come to Turkey and showed their work. We talked about various investment projects. We've told you that you aspire to projects. As an association, we are working to contribute to the railway investments of the Arab countries. Dernek

”Logistics villages should be a state“
State logistics centers should be established. When I set up as a private sector, I will spend serious money, and I will keep the prices of services such as handling and storage high for the cost of it. But if these investments are made by the state, our competitiveness increases.

Mayor Oz has a crazy project!
The growing Turkish economy and regional trade volume will be insufficient for the road, and DTD President İbrahim Öz said, ac We need to use railway, sea and inland waterways. Ottoman, Urfa Birecik, the ships he had built in the shipyard, the Gulf of the Persian Gulf and the security of the region would provide it with the ships. Minister Bey (Binali Yildirim) said we should use our inland waterways in transportation. Minister Bey made sense and the General Directorate of Maritime and Inland Waterways was established in the new structure of the Ministry. When we lift the ship from Elazig, Erzincan or Adiyaman, we bring it down to the Persian Gulf. All we have to do is set up the pool system like the Panama Canal. We can even use Seyhan and Menderes in freight transportation. When we shake a ship from Ankara, we can go down to Adana Seyhan. If this happens Turkey provided a logistics center, "he commented.

300 million euro for education from the EU
The chairman Öz stated that they are working on education as an association and stated that they have applied for the beneficiaries of European grant schemes and they have received a grant of 300 thousand euros from the EU for a project. Özdemir stated that they have established a joint company with the foundation of TCDD, DEVAK. We will provide trainings for TCDD and personnel working in private companies. On the other hand, we signed a joint cooperation protocol with Bahçeşehir University. We will give trainings in the openings rail systems sections. I call on universities that offer logistics training. Many schools are ready to help with this, there is no railroad from the curriculum. We open the rail systems section of vocational high schools.

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