Aliaga-Menderes high-speed train suburban line will come to the region with new projects!

According to the report prepared by Bilge Beller Özçam, Director of Izmir Branch of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company,; With the opening of Aliağa-Menderes high-speed railway subway line, Gaziemir will be built on the Menderes axis and more qualified housing projects

Turkey's natural, historical, cultural, Izmir, one of the richest provinces in terms of climatic conditions, it is also one of the first choice of domestic and foreign investors in residential investment recently.

In the housing market of İzmir, Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe, Urla and Çiğli in the north are the most preferred regions in terms of stock of qualified housing. Karşıyakaand Bostanlı in the east, Bornova in the east and BayraklıWe can count the part of Evka-3 Proföserler site with a part of.

Narlıdere district is one of the fastest developing districts in Izmir. Narlıdere attracts the attention with its existing, qualified housing stock and newly constructed A plus constructions. Narlıdere, with the ring road connections, without getting into the city traffic to all districts in Izmir easy, fast and convenient transportation can be provided. In addition, the proximity of the district of Cesme peninsula creates a separate shot.

Guzelbahce district is one of the housing development axes of Izmir and it is one of the regions where qualified housing projects are chosen. The district is preferred due to its proximity to the sea and the Aydın-Çeşme highway. With the changing trend of life in the center, which has survived from the past to the present day, people choose to live in the center of the city center, away from the movements, crowds, traffic / parking problems. For this reason, high-quality luxury housing investments in recent years are progressing rapidly in the direction of Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe and Urla.

When the Bornova District is examined in terms of housing sector, it attracts attention with its existing housing stock and new construction capacity. The major contribution of the ring road connections within the boundaries of the district is the termination of the existing light rail metro axis in Bornova District of İzmir Province, the presence of Ege University and Yaşar University Campuses within the Bornova District borders, as well as shopping centers such as Forum Bornova and Ege Park. the fact that it is located within the boundaries of the district has triggered the development of the housing sector in Bornova. In terms of qualified housing projects, the district of Evka3-Professors site and Özkanlar district are the first places that come to mind in Bornova.

Karşıyaka and the new district status with the combination of some districts of Bornova districts. Bayraklı is prominent with qualified housing constructions in Manavkuyu ​​and Mansuroğlu neighborhoods, which are the continuation of Bornova Özkanlar district.

KarşıyakaAnd Bostanlı is one of the first preferred regions in İzmir for housing purchase with its prestigious charm and regular settlement of Mavişehir region.

When we look at the future potential of housing development, it is thought that all the regions mentioned above will maintain the attractiveness of the regions mentioned above, and with the opening of the Aliağa-Menderes high-speed railway line, more qualified housing projects will be built over the Gaziemir and Menderes axis. The New City Center (Manhattan District), which has the greatest potential for qualified housing projects in Izmir, is expected to increase the competition in the housing market with its transportation diversity, recidence services, A plus construction quality in the heart of the city.

As a result, natural beauty, diversity of tourism, transportation convenience, the provincial housing will be purchased with all future commercial potential of Izmir will continue to be Turkey's dream.

Source: Real Estate Tower

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