Green light was burned for Ankara-Samsun high speed train project

AK Party Samsun Provincial President Osman Çetinkaya said that they will embarrass those who liken the project to the 'lie train' after Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport of Ankara, Samsun high-speed train project.

Fast train to Samsun as soon as possible. kazanExpressing that they are making a great effort in order to continue, Çetinkaya noted that the talks in the mainland were positive and the ministry gave the green light.

Stating that they held an important meeting on the high-speed train in Ankara last week, Osman Çetinkaya said, “We will get the high-speed train to Samsun as soon as possible. kazanWe are making an effort to get there. We want not only the high speed train, but also a railway where highway and freight transportation will be made together with the high speed train. We talked to the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, regarding the issue. Thanks to our Minister, he gave the green light for the Ankara- Kırıkkale- Çorum- Samsun high-speed train project, whose total cost will reach 3 quadrillion, and announced that he would do his best to complete the project and speed up the work. The feasibility study and common projects of the project will be completed in April. High-speed train 'Dream' will come true.” said.

A journalist said, "Will you overtake those who call this project 'dream' when the high-speed train starts?" Osman Çetinkaya stated that they will take the opposition parties in the Parliament in 2019, the date of the completion of the project, and that the nation may not choose these people.


Claiming that the 'theft' incident in CHP's Atakum Municipality was not the first in the past days, Provincial Mayor Osman Çetinkaya said, “Money was stolen from the safe in Atakum Municipality. We said, 'We will protect the desk, the safe'. But the friend here couldn't even take care of the safe. What can be expected of a mayor who cannot claim the money in his municipality's safe? Money has been stolen from the same safe. But the bill for the municipal staff. When we started in 2001, we said that we would protect the safe and the table. We've done it by this time, and we'll do it from now on. ” used expressions.


Located in the Presidential elections in the province related explanation Cetinkaya, "on March 26 county convention process will be completed in all of Turkey. Then, as of April 1, provincial congresses will begin. We wish our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attend our Provincial Congress in April. It is known that this will not be a race for Samsun Provincial Directorate. Samsun Prime Minister will be determined by our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This team to be determined by our Prime Minister will prepare Samsun for the local elections to be held in 2014. ” said.


Addressing those who are planning to be candidates at the provincial congress in April, Çetinkaya said, “Do not rub your hands in vain. There won't be a race here. The headquarters will not allow this. Here, a name to be determined by our Prime Minister will be a candidate for provincial chairmanship with a single list. Opposition parties also wanted to mix our congresses during our district congresses. There may be some of the opponents within the party who are considering candidates for the presidency. However, the decision will make the headquarters here. ” used expressions.

Source: CİHAN

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