TCDD's 2023 target is 25 thousand kilometers of railways

TCDD's 2023 target of 25 thousand kilometers of railways: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Manager Omar Stars, 2023, 1 billion passengers, said they targeted 76 million tonnes of cargo transportation, "until 2023 3 thousand 500 kilometers of high-speed rail "It is planned to reach a total length of 8 thousand kilometers by constructing 500 thousand 1000 kilometers of speed railway and 13 kilometers of conventional railway by constructing 25 thousand kilometers."

Speaking at the meeting organized by the Architects and Engineers Group (MMG), Yıldız stated that they are striving to make TCDD more effective and efficient by restructuring.

In this context, 2004 2014 175 759 3 a year between the year 80 mileage of the transfer of the total transfer of Stars, already XNUMX thousand XNUMX kilometers of railway construction is continuing, he said.

Yıldız emphasized that the allowance allocated to the railway sector was 2003 billion lira in 1,1 and 2015 billion lira in 8,8, and important steps were taken in the field of high speed train.

The current High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line is a thousand kilometers 213 striking Star, said:

“YHT in construction and tender stage is 520 kilometers, YHT in project stage is 558 kilometers. The existing conventional line is 11 thousand 272 kilometers, the conventional line in the construction and tender phase, 790 kilometers and the conventional line in the project phase is 50 kilometers. Since 2003, an average of 810 kilometers of roads have been renewed annually, and a total of 9 kilometers of railway renewals have been carried out. 700 of the 20 logistics centers, which are planned to be established primarily in connection with organized industrial zones, with a high load bearing potential, were commissioned. The construction and project and expropriation works of 7 continue. There are 6 junction lines connected to centers with large volumes such as organized industrial zones, large industrial establishments, ports and piers. In addition to the 7 YHT sets used in business administration, 281 Very High Speed ​​Train (ÇYHT) set capable of speeding 12 kilometers per hour was put into operation. 300 sets of ÇYHT will continue to be delivered in 1. 2016 high-speed train sets will be produced with 6 percent localization and learning-based technology transfer. Tender preparations for the 106 YHT set continue. 53 YHT sets are planned to be produced within the scope of the National High Speed ​​Train Project. ”

Stating that 24 sets of diesel engines with 256 passengers capacity have been produced and 28 sets continue to be produced in order to operate underground standards in non-electrification lines where regional passenger transportation is intense, Yıldız noted that they plan to supply 444 vehicle suburban and regional train sets until 2023.


Stating that they aim to carry a total of 2023 billion passengers 1 million tons of cargo in 76, Yıldız said, “By 2023, by constructing 3 thousand 500 kilometers of high-speed railway, 8 thousand 500 kilometers of speed railway and 1000 kilometers of conventional railway, by making 13 thousand kilometers of railway It is planned to reach a total railway length of 25 thousand kilometers. In addition, it is aimed to increase the share of railroads to 10 percent in passenger transport and 15 percent in freight transport, to support the National Railway industry and R&D and to develop all kinds of rail technology ”.

$ 70 billion invested each year to the railways in the world had been made and stated that the expected $ 2023 trillion in investments made until 1 Yildiz, Turkey also the residue of rail investment and said it planned to nearly 2023 billion dollars in investments made until 55.

Stars pulling in simultaneously with the increase of rail systems and rail networks in Turkey, referring to the increased need for drawn vehicles, voiced great importance to the establishment of industrial ecosystems that supply the country for these needs.

Said that serious steps have been taken in this direction for the creation of national railway industry star, now a high-speed rail, he said traversier of scissors and become produced in Turkey.

Yıldız reminded that the Railway Research and Technology Center was established in 2010 in order to establish the foundations of the railway institute and to develop university-industry cooperation, and that the center operates under 4 different headings.


MMG Chairman Murat Özdemir stated that a total of 1951 kilometers of railways were built with an average of 2003 kilometers per year from 18 to the end of 945, and that the country's transportation was based only on the highway, and between 2004 and 2014, an average of 175 kilometers and 759 kilometers of new lines were made.

When Ozdemir, look for passenger transport share in Turkey, road passenger, while 96 per cent of transport share while rail passenger transport shares only stating that 2 percent, "Railways, the share of due to passenger transport not improve the existing infrastructure and business conditions and the inability to open new corridors for the last 50 years 38 percent decreased in proportion. On the other hand, when the road-rail freight carriage shares are analyzed in the transportation system, the road freight transport rate is 94 percent and the rail freight transport share is 4 percent. The share of railways in freight transport has declined by 50 percent in the last 60 years. ”

Özdemir said that they are pleased to see that local companies are more competent day by day in the railway sector.

Stating that they believe that it is possible to increase the competition and service quality in this field by opening the private sector to the private sector, Özdemir said, “It is no doubt that the development and strengthening of TCDD, which was founded in 1872, which is one of the favorite institutions of our country, will contribute to the development and strengthening of our country.

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