Logistics Center Studies in Türkoğlu

Türkoğlu District Governor Tuncay Akkoyun said that the logistics center will make a great contribution to the development of Kahramanmaraş, especially in Türkoğlu district.

In his statement, Akkoyun stated that taking freight services within the Kahramanmaraş Station area out of the city, meeting the raw product needs of the investors operating in Kahramanmaraş and its surroundings, making the products they produce easier to reach the country and abroad, increasing the railway transportation and bringing Türkoğlu to the logistics sector. He stated that the Logistics Center works planned to be built for this purpose are continuing at full speed.

Akkoyun gave the following information:

“The logistics center to be built considering the future of the city and the region will be a very important development point. At this point, there will be container loading, unloading and stock areas, customs areas, customer offices, parking lot, truck park, banks, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations, warehouses, train constitution, acceptance and dispatch roads.

This project will strengthen the expansion of our city and district, will provide a competitive advantage and will enable Kahramanmaraş to have a much greater voice in foreign markets. "

Source: sondakika



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