Tirebolu Mayor Burhan Takır: "We Can't Have a Railway"

Tirebolu Mayor Burhan Takır came together with members of the press for the basın 10 January Journalists Day Tir.

Speaking at a meeting in a restaurant in Tirebolu, President Takir said that 2012 will be the year of investment for Tirebolu.

Burhan Takır, who gave information about the railway works, said: Tak As the municipality, we do our best to make the railway route pass through our district. We consider the route to pass through Tirebolu as the most economical and logical way. We'il follow him to the end of this. Because the railway is a must. Çünkü

He complained about the lack of interest of the deputies of the ruling power in the context of the railway. Giresun also has the deputy power of the 5 minister, but he does not claim the railroad issue Gir.

Providing information about the services carried out by the Municipality of Tirebolu, President Takır said, ata Tireboluli are the natural spring water from the fountain. We are aiming to complete the sewer works we conduct throughout our district in this year. Lighting and landscaping in the coastal band will be completed by the summer period of this year. We continue to work on some neighborhood roads. In addition, the way around the indoor sports hall will soon be served by our people. Sıra


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