Samsun Mega Project Light Rail Systems

Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, urban rail traffic to greatly extend the route of the system to extend the route of the municipality, said they started to prepare the construction project.

Regarding the relevant staff to give the necessary instructions that the President Yilmaz, the route between the airport of Wednesday and Taflan to be extended between the town council decision to take the 50 thousand, 5 thousand and thousand of plans on the road, he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which reorganized the urban transportation of Samsun, whose population is increasing day by day, with a master plan, brought the light rail system, which is a mega project in transportation, to the city. kazanIt is also trying to revise the outdated public transport systems. Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, in a statement on the subject, said that the transportation of the city should definitely be relieved.

Stating that the people of Samsun love and adopt the rail system, which is an alternative to wheeled transportation between the city and the university, Mayor Yılmaz said, “There are 16 trains and all of them are full. Now people want additional trains. We are making preparations to find a solution to additional train demands. We will increase our compact with the world's train manufacturers. We do not have to buy from the same company. We will buy the new and better quality with our money. We have to buy 10 trains in a year or two. Now there is a dimension of extending this to town halls. The job for him is not just to extend the route to the town halls, you even need to increase the number of trains running. We started the construction project preparations to ensure the integrity of our city. On the other hand, I will initiate international travels to make contacts about train supply. " said.

The railway system makes Atakum a center of attraction, the population of the district has increased by 5 in a year, 4 has built thousands of new dwellings, new boulevards and shopping centers have been opened.


Mentioning that they do not want to victimize minibuses and similar public transportation systems, but they should revise them, Mayor Yılmaz said: “They have to change and transform themselves by saying what the needs of this day require. We do not say 'Turn off your contact and see what you have'. We will make Samsun's transportation with them. Let them sit together, let's agree with our refereeing and let's establish this system. They hurt themselves every time they delay. After all, the city's transportation coordination belongs to the municipality. The way the other modes of transport can work in a healthy balance with this train is also a matter of project. It was determined by the transportation master plan. We want minibus business to turn into bus business. This must happen, if not all of a sudden. We do not say that there will be a train, we do not want any other transportation. "

Emphasizing that they do not aspire to the transportation of Samsun, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz continued his words as follows: “Maybe we will even transfer this rail system to them in the future. The Samulaş company we established runs this. Maybe the minibuses that will take a bus in the future will join together and pay more than Samulaş's annual rent and buy Samulaş. I am not able to make the people of Samsun with their money. If my municipality's income will increase, we say, come and do it. We have to say. I always look at them like this. We are waiting patiently. "

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