What is the Latest Situation in the EYT Regulation? Will Temporary Workers' Staffing Problem Be Solved?

What is the Latest Situation in the EYT Regulation Will the Staffing Problem of Temporary Workers Be Solved?
What is the Latest Situation in the EYT Regulation Will the Staffing Problem of Temporary Workers Be Solved?

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, answered questions about the agenda and working life in the live broadcast of Bilgin, Bengü Türk TV.

Reminding that they met with the heads of Tür-İş and Hak-İş within the scope of the Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreement Framework Protocol negotiations, Minister Bilgin said, “They have a desire for the process to be short. We are of the same opinion, there is no point in prolonging it," he said.

When asked about the EYT regulation, Bilgin said, "I think a regulation will come out of the Parliament in which EYT members can receive their first salaries on March 1".

“Is it possible to stretch back the date of September 9, 1999 regarding EYT?” Upon the question, Minister Bilgin said, “No way, because what we call EYT is to change the law that was valid on September 8 and put an age requirement. Therefore, there must be an employee on this date so that he or she can live up to that age.”

When asked about the status of interns and apprentices in EYT, Bilgin reminded that there are "number of bonus days", "number of years" and "age" conditions for retirement.

Noting that the age requirement was abolished with the EYT regulation, Minister Bilgin stated the following about interns and apprentices:

“The trainees do not establish a working relationship at the workplace, the employment contract is not realized. Therefore, the employer does not pay premiums for them. So it's not the case for them. They go there for an education. In order for nothing to happen to them during that education period, the state pays them health insurance and makes protective insurance arrangements. It should not be confused with the employment contract. There's such a mess there. Borrowing and so on are out of the question. Who will be your employer, on whose behalf will you deposit your debts? In other words, none of the conditions and standards required by the employment contract are in question for them.”

“We Expect Our Assembly to Arrange Bonuses for SGK Employees”

Bilgin reminded that the Social Security Institution (SGK) employees experienced a great deal of intensity during this process, and said, “There was a huge burden on the SGK employees and our friends worked very hard. Sometimes they tried to respond to applications without saying Saturday or Sunday for a few weeks. Especially before the new year, this intensity was experienced, there is still an intensity. That's why we expect our Assembly to make an arrangement that we can call a kind of bonus for SGK employees and our friends who contribute to this process," he said.

“We Will Solve the Staffing Problem of Temporary Workers”

Emphasizing that they are working on file to solve the problems, Minister Bilgin said, “Currently, the file we have is the temporary workers file. Temporary workers exist in many different institutions. It exists in sugar factories, railways, in many institutions. We will solve this issue, we will also solve the staffing problems of these friends. We will also close this file”.

Strongly condemning the burning of the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm in Sweden, Bilgin underlined that this was not an act that happened by chance.

Minister Bilgin drew attention to the reasons why this action was carried out in front of Turkey's embassy instead of other Muslim countries, and said:

“This has several meanings. First, in the world, Islam is seen as equal to Turkishness. Turkey is seen as the representative of Islam. When the crusader is said, who is the enemy of the crusader, this is it. Because the Crusaders were defeated here, they were defeated in this land. Therefore, we see how this mentality is produced in the deep corridors of Western states and how it is revealed in pathological types.”

Bilgin added that this incident is also an attack on Turkish democracy.

Günceleme: 25/01/2023 13:14

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