'Wings from Bags' Movie Premiered

Wings from the Posett Movie Premiered
'Wings from Bags' Movie Premiered

The movie 'Wings from Bags', which is supported by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and tells the story of a child who lives in a wheelchair and tries to realize his dream of flying, was premiered.

The premiere of the movie 'Wings from Bags', shot in Bursa within the scope of social responsibility projects and supported by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was held at the Tayyare Cultural Center. The script was written by Mustafa Duman, directed by Mustafa Özer and produced by Faruk Anbarcıoğlu. The film starred Şevki Özcan, Gülnihal Demir, Jale Ak, Yiğit Dören, Ayhan Kasal, Mehmet Toprak, Olcay Dursun, Ali İhsan Süzer, Yasemin Süzer and Faruk Anbarcıoğlu. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Murat Demir, the director of the film Mustafa Özer, the producer of the film and Bursa former Deputy Faruk Anbarcıoğlu, the actors of the film and art lovers attended the premiere of the film, which tells the story of a boy who lives in a wheelchair and his biggest dream is to fly, and his friends who strive to make his dream come true. .

Speaking before the screening of the film, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Murat Demir congratulated everyone who contributed to the film, especially Faruk Anbarcıoğlu, who served Bursa as a deputy as well as an educator.

Bursa Deputy Vildan Yılmaz Gürel congratulated everyone who contributed to the film, which deals with a sensitive subject. Stating that he also has a special child, Gürel stated that he respectfully greets all artists who deal with such a special subject.

Director of the movie, Mustafa Özer, stated that the movie 'Wings from Bags' was generally shot in Fadıllı Village of Bursa. Thanking everyone who supported the project, Özer said, “The subject of the movie was to fly, the biggest dream of a child living in a wheelchair. His friends struggled for years to realize this dream. But they couldn't and they made it a tradition. They tried to fly one day a year. 20 years later, paratroopers came to the village and asked for their help. Thus, the boy achieved his dream. We did our best while shooting the movie. I hope Turkish people will like the movie," he said.

After the speeches, plaques and participation certificates were presented to the actors and film crew who took part in the film. The movie, which was screened in 13 cities, especially in Bursa, was watched with interest by art lovers at the Tayyare Cultural Center.

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