Karşıyaka Connection Road to Relieve Çiğli Traffic Has Been Put into Service

Connection Road to Relieve Karsiyaka Cigli Traffic Entered into Service
Karşıyaka Connection Road to Relieve Çiğli Traffic Has Been Put into Service

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service the road that will connect Ordu Boulevard to Anadolu Avenue. With an investment of 13 million TL Karşıyaka-Cigli traffic was relieved. Vehicle drivers saved both time and fuel.

Investments initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to ease traffic and provide uninterrupted transportation continue. Karşıyaka and Çiğli axis, the road investment that will provide connection from Ordu Boulevard to Anadolu Avenue was completed and put into service. Within the scope of the works carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs and İZBETON, a new connection road and intersection arrangement was made by including the land transportation axis, which interrupted the vehicle traffic on Ordu Boulevard. Thus, the traffic density on both Girne Boulevard and Bostanlı direction and Anadolu Avenue was reduced.

Most of the investment goes to expropriation.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made an investment of approximately 10 million TL with an expropriation cost of 500 million 400 thousand TL, asphalt value of 500 thousand TL, parks of 1 thousand TL and a regulation cost of 500 million 13 thousand TL within the scope of the work it carried out on Ordu Boulevard.

The transition to Anadolu Caddesi was shortened by 3 kilometers.

KarşıyakaHamdi Ziya Aydın, Head of the Department of Science Affairs of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said that the transportation has shortened by 3 kilometers with the new artery connecting Anatolia to Anadolu Caddesi, “This investment is very important in this sense. When we evaluated the demands from the headmen and citizens, there was a serious demand of the people in this region. We are happy to fulfill this request. By creating an alternative route, especially in the direction of Çiğli, we have enabled our citizens to reach Çiğli more easily. Citizens coming from the direction of Çiğli also enter Ordu Boulevard. Karşıyaka It will provide convenient transportation to the region. We also reduced the intersection traffic on Anadolu Avenue and Girne Boulevard. The density of vehicles on Girne Boulevard has also decreased to a great extent”.

“We continue to produce alternative and relaxing solutions in traffic”

Karşıyaka Stating that the traffic regulations in the region will continue rapidly, Aydın said, “We want to provide the connection to Anadolu Caddesi via Ordu Boulevard by passing over the train track on Ahmet Kemal Baysak Boulevard with a vehicle overpass. Our expropriation works continue in this region. Towards the end of 2023, we will enter the construction tender. When that project is completed Karşıyaka We will have connected the coastline to Anadolu Caddesi. With the instruction of our President, we continue to produce alternative and relaxing solutions in traffic.”

“Saving both fuel and time”

The arrangement work on Ordu Boulevard was greeted with joy by the residents of the neighborhood as well as by all the people of the region. Citizens who save both time and fuel expressed their feelings with these words:

Bülent Taş: “We are very happy. Previously, we were driving at least 3 kilometers to go to Çiğli direction. The distance was long and there was traffic density. It will seriously put us at ease. It was very busy in the morning hours. A citizen living here had to go as far as Girne Boulevard to go to Çiğli. It was already cramped. It will relieve both Girne Boulevard and us. We will save both fuel and time.”

Orhan Şen: “We are very pleased with the opening of the road. This is actually a main artery. It will relieve not only this place, but also Anadolu Caddesi. At the same time, people coming from Bostanlı will not have to use Girne Boulevard when returning to Çiğli. It will lighten the traffic there. We, our people, will also save on fuel. Along with the street, the businesses of our tradesmen will be opened, and they will gain value. It will be better here in the coming days.”

Nazım Çalışkan: “I have been here since 1957. We've waited so long for this road. We believed that the road would open as soon as possible. We are very happy now. Not only on our behalf, it will relieve everywhere, be it Mavişehir or Bostanlı. Sometimes, if there is an accident on the main road, all the vehicles turn from here.”

Cevat Success: “If we want to go to Menemen or Çiğli, we go all the way from here to Kyrenia. We spend 3 kilometers more fuel to get back here from there. It will provide us with floors not only in terms of transportation but also socially. At my workplace, Ata Sanayi, I go 3 kilometers to Anadolu Caddesi and come back 3 kilometers. I travel 6 kilometers to get to the road just behind us. It will reduce my stress before fuel and time. On some days, the 3-kilometer road to Kyrenia takes 45 minutes. I'm going step by step. I am very happy that this road has been opened.”

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