Kadıköy Disaster Education Park is Ready for the New Education Period

Kadikoy Disaster Education Park is Ready for the New Education Period
Kadıköy Disaster Education Park is Ready for the New Education Period

Kadıköy Disaster Education and Awareness Park, which the Municipality opened to raise awareness of possible disasters, is ready for the new education period on Monday, October 3rd. He has done many studies in terms of preparedness, mitigation and response for possible disasters. Kadıköy Municipality's “Disaster Education and Awareness Park” has completed its preparations for the new education period, which will start at 3:10.00 on Monday, October XNUMXrd. Kadıköy Municipality, Disaster Education and Awareness Park provides training on the occurrence of natural disasters, what to do during a disaster, and the precautions to be taken before and after the disaster.

Practical training

In the park, where the training activities are carried out practically, the "Earthquake Experience Room", "5-Dimensional Cinema", "Interactive Portable Fire Simulation" and behavior and intervention styles in case of possible disasters are taught. With the workshops that non-governmental organizations also contribute, trainings are given on the precautions to be taken before possible disasters, how to act in the event of a disaster, and how to carry out studies after. There are also playgrounds open to group visits in the park.

82 thousand people received training

Since the first day it was opened in Turkey's first Disaster Education and Awareness Park, trainings have been given by experts. BAK-Kadıköy Approximately 82 thousand people were trained by the team. Training given online during the pandemic period will now continue face-to-face. Citizens who complete the training are given badges and emergency information cards.

earthquake experience room

In the Earthquake Experience Room, where how the earthquake occurred and what should be done during and after the earthquake are explained in practice, damaging earthquakes are simulated close to reality with the earthquake simulation system.

5D cinema

In the movie, which lasts for about 6 minutes, many subjects are told about what to do before, during and after the earthquake.

fire simulation

With Interactive Portable Fire Simulation, applications are made on subjects such as fire and its types, how to respond to fire, use of fire extinguishing equipment, personal safety precautions, and improvement of fire-fighting skills.

Creating disaster awareness with the game

Disaster Awareness Park Kadıköy Municipality Urban Search and Rescue Team (BAK Kadıköy) games and activities prepared by the trainers are organized. Trainings are given with plays that are rarely prepared in our country, such as "A Disaster Tale Musical", "My Disaster Bag is Ready, Find Your Wife" and "I'm Collecting My Disaster Bag Bingo". Kadıköy With the opening of the Municipality's Disaster Education and Awareness Park, technological investments also enable the learned information to be experienced.

transformable park furniture

In the park, there are benches that can be converted into stoves and warehouses in case of possible disasters, and camellias that can be converted into tents.

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