AFAD Teams Performed Exercise in Bursa

AFAD Teams Performed Exercise in Bursa
AFAD Teams Performed Exercise in Bursa

Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) Regional Disaster Response Drill, which was held in Bursa within the scope of the 2022 Disaster Exercise Year, was successfully completed. 1260 personnel and 150 vehicles took part in the exercise. AYDES studies were also tested in the exercise, where response, evacuation, tent setup, CBRN and fire response scenarios were successfully applied.

Bursa TAMP working groups, main and support solution partner institutions and organizations, as well as search and rescue working groups of regional provinces, Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES) users of the working groups, provincial and district AFAD centers, provincial disaster management center and district disaster management The applications planned by creating the center were explained.

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Provincial AFAD Director Yalçın Mumcu, Provincial Police Chief Tacettin Aslan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Major General Tekin Aktemur, local administrations, district governorships, 596 search and rescue personnel, 98 public and private sector employees, Kızılay personnel 260 people attended.

Explaining that the aim of the exercise is to test the applicability of the 26 work plans prepared, to improve the coordination between provincial and district AFAD centers, to increase the night work practice of the teams and to improve the plans by updating them in line with the deficiencies, the teams drew attention to the importance of conducting the exercise together with the surrounding provinces.
Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat emphasized that the most important issue of Bursa is the earthquake and stated that it is everyone's job to turn the exercise into practice in practice and that it is necessary to ensure discipline in practice with seriousness, determination.

Canbolat said, “Today is finally an exercise, but when it comes to power, we should not forget that we can reach people more quickly by being advantageous when we plan correctly what the institutions and managers will do, and God forbid, when it comes to us, when it is implemented quickly and practically. In this sense, disaster management is Bursa's top priority. I hope the exercise will be beneficial.” recorded.

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