İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard Opened to Traffic

Imran Kilic Bridge and Boulevard Opened to Traffic
İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard Opened to Traffic

Asphalt paving was completed in the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard project, which was implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 150 million TL, and the road was opened to traffic. Chairman Hayrettin Güngör said, “We opened the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard to traffic with the intense work of our teams. We will finish our pedestrian path and lighting works in a short time. Good luck to our city," he said.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality continues to put its investments into service one by one within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan. After the newly named Ali Sezal Bridge, which was built on Tevfik Kadıoğlu Köprülü Junction and Kanlıdere, İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard were opened to traffic. Hayrettin Güngör, Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality; He examined the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard, which was built with an investment of 150 million TL, shortens the transportation between the western neighborhoods and the city center by half, and covers the 210-meter-long bridge and the 5-kilometer-long boulevard. In the examinations that also included members of the press, President Güngör gave information about the implementation process of the project.

It will appeal to 150 thousand population

Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör said, “First of all, I would like to mention the importance of our bridge and boulevard, named after our late deputy İmran Kılıç, for our city. Our citizens had expectations for a bridge and connection road to be built here. Because the Önsen region is currently a region where around 60 thousand of our fellow citizens live. This is our new residential area. Tekke reserve residences and TOKİ residences are also being built in the Önsen region. Therefore, this region will have a population of at least 150 thousand in the future. Due to the increasing population, the importance of this bridge and boulevard, which provides transportation to the Önsen region, is increasing.”

Good luck to Kahramanmaraş

Wishing that the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard will be beneficial for Kahramanmaraş, Mayor Güngör said, “When we took office, we worked hard to meet the needs of our city. We worked on projects. In June 2021, we held the tender for the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard. After the tender and contract phase, the contractor company immediately started working. Our goal was to put our bridge and connection road into service before the New Year's Eve. Due to the unpredictable increase in commodity prices, the contractor had difficulties in continuing the work. We also had to wait for the end of the contract period legally. The contract was terminated in August due to the contractor's failure to complete the work on time. After the termination of the contract, our Science Teams immediately started working to complete the remaining works. We aimed to put our bridge and boulevard into service by completing the asphalt works in the region quickly. Thank God, we opened the İmran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard to traffic today. Pedestrian road and lighting works continue. We'll be getting the rest of our work done in a short time. Hopefully, we will hold our official opening ceremony with the participation of our protocol members in the coming days. Congratulations to our Kahramanmaraş”.

Save Time and Fuel

President Hayrettin Güngör, who said that the project, which includes a 210-meter-long bridge and a 5-kilometer-long boulevard, will bring significant savings, said, “Our Imran Kılıç Bridge and Boulevard project will also be extremely beneficial for our fellow citizens. The transportation of our fellow citizens residing in the Önsen region with the city center will be shortened by half. This will save fuel and time. This will have a positive impact on the household and national economy," he said.

It will lighten the traffic load of the Medalyalı Junction

Güngör also gave information about the ongoing works on the Southern Connection Road and said, “We are also working intensively on the 55-meter-wide Southern Connection Road, which will provide a direct connection to Ağcalı Junction and Adana Road. Hopefully, we will complete our work there and open it to traffic in a short time. Thanks to this project, the traffic density of Madalyalı Junction will be significantly relieved. In the second phase of our project, we will connect the Adana Road to the Airport Junction.

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