Trabzon City Center will be viewed from Boztepe Observation Terrace

Trabzon City Center will be viewed from Boztepe Observation Terrace
Trabzon City Center will be viewed from Boztepe Observation Terrace

Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç, AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora, Vice Presidents Erdoğan Beder, Fatih Göktaş and Survey Project Manager Mustafa Karslı made investigations on the 'Boztepe Walking Platform and Observation Terrace Project', which is still under construction.

President Genç said, “We are introducing a new project that will add value to Trabzon, the ancient city that fascinates people with its natural and historical beauties, just like Trabzon Aquarium. We are implementing our 'Walking Platform and Observation Terrace Project' without harming the natural vegetation of Boztepe, which is the most spectacle point of our city and reveals all the beauties of our Trabzon.” said.


Informing the deputy Salih Cora about the project, Mayor Genç said that the 70-meter walking path, which constitutes 700 percent of the project, has been completed so far. Expressing that the project will consist of sightseeing, walking, watching, eating and drinking units, Genç said, “We are crowning Boztepe, one of the most dominant and spectacle points of our city, with the observation terrace project. We are adding value to the value of our Boztepe with a project that is almost like a golden necklace. We are implementing our project on a surface area of ​​5000 m². Its total length will be about 1 km. Thus, Boztepemiz will be the most popular place for our citizens as well as tourists and visitors coming to our city. Our approximately 1 km long viewing terrace and promenade starting from the Girls Monastery and extending to the east will be a multifunctional project with walking, watching, sitting and resting as well as eating and drinking units.” he said.


President Genç stated that the walking platform will be 3 meters wide and the 2 city balconies will be 20 meters wide and conveyed the following information about the units included in the project: We build on steel legs at height. A wooden walking platform will be built on these legs. The width of our walking platform is 20 meters, and the width of the viewing balconies is 30 meters. Again, within the scope of our project, 3 cafeterias, two terraces, one of which will be glass and one of which will be covered with wood, will be built. 20 wooden city balconies will be built in places with the most beautiful viewing area. There will be camellias, swings, wooden upholstered seating areas and green areas on our balconies. Except for the glass terraces, all surfaces will be covered with wood. We designed all the units of our project as resting, sightseeing and watching.”


Stating that they have implemented a project that integrates with nature in Boztepe, President Genç said, “There are cherry, sour cherry, plum, apple, pear, fig and walnut trees planted by the citizens around the walking platform. Our Boztepe looks like a mini botanical park with its fruit trees and natural vegetation. No one could see this vegetation in this area. Even I had never seen this area before I started the project. Now our visitors will see these beauties that scatter good smells around.” said.


Stating that the Boztepe Walking Platform and Observation Terrace Project will be one of the places frequented by tourists and visitors coming to Trabzon, Salih Cora said, “A very good project is being done here. I must say that I was very happy and excited while visiting our project. I think our Boztepe is worthy of such a project with its resting, walking, watching and sightseeing units. I would like to express my gratitude once again to our Honorable President Ahmet Metin Genç and our unit managers for their efforts. I would like to express once again that I feel great joy and excitement on behalf of our city while visiting our project that makes our Boztepe more tidy.” he said.

President Genç stated that the project will be completed and put into service by the end of the year.

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