Eren Blockade-18 Narco Terrorist Operation Launched

Eren Blockade Narco Terrorist Operation Started
Eren Blockade-18 Narco Terrorist Operation Launched

In order to remove the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda, to deprive it of financial resources and to neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be sheltering in the region, the "EREN ABLUKA-18 DİYARBAKIR (ASSOCIATION) Martyr J.ÇVŞ MURAT DOĞAN" Narco Terrorist Operation was launched in Diyarbakır.

Diyarbakir Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the operation; Gendarmerie Commando Special Operations, Gendarmerie Special Operations, 950 personnel and 61 operational teams are on duty.

In the ongoing operation;

  • 975 g of cannabis powder,
  • 1.750.991 root cannabis plants,
  • 4650 meters of irrigation hose,
  • 1 water motors,
  • 1 submersible pump,
  • 3 kg of chemicals used in the construction of IED,
  • 1 ignition key,
  • A large amount of food and life materials were seized with 2 electric detonators,

Four suspects were detained.

The EREN BLOCK OPERATIONS, which are carried out for the complete elimination of terrorism in the country, continue successfully with the support of our people, with CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION.

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