CHP's Ağbaba: 'Our recommendation is to increase the Additional Indicators of All Civil Servants to 3600'

CHP's Agbaba Our Recommendation Is To Raise The Additional Indicators Of All Officials
CHP's Ağbaba 'Our recommendation is to increase the Additional Indicators of All Civil Servants to 3600'

CHP Deputy Chairman Veli Ağbaba evaluated the regulation of 3600 additional indicators. Deputy Chairman Ağbaba said, “When we look at the 3600 Additional indicator regulation, which the government calls revolutionary, we see that it is not a revolution but a destruction for many civil servants. 3600 Additional indicator regulation, as such, will lead to discrimination and inequality among public workers. When the government said let's make eyebrows again, it took out an eye.'' He said.

Ağbaba's evaluation included the following statements:

“3600 additional indicator regulations lead to inequality among civil servants

In the current situation, civil servants start from a certain degree and level according to their educational status. According to this situation, civil servants who are not university graduates cannot go up to the 1st degree because they start working from lower degrees. In this respect, civil servants who are not university graduates are excluded from the scope of 3600 additional indicators.

For example; Among the police officers who have been waiting for 3600 Additional Indicators for years, those who are not university graduates are excluded from the right to 3600 Additional Indicators. This situation leads to a separate inequality within the professions themselves.

1,5 million civil servants are not included in the scope of the additional indicator with this regulation.

2008 million public workers working within the scope of Law No. 5510 enacted in 1,5 cannot benefit from the additional indicator. Because the salaries of civil servants who started working in 2008 and after, just like the workers, are based on premium. kazanIt is done over three. In this case, civil servants who started to work in 2008 and later are not included in the calculation of the additional indicator. In addition, regulatory contract officers are also deprived of the right to additional indication.

There is no advantage to the regulation for the officers who fall under the 3600 additional indicator.

It is seen that no change has been made in the special service monthly rates of civil servants in the brought regulation. In this case, there is no benefit to the civil servants who fall below the 3600 additional indicator. The evaluation rate of the special service pensions of civil servants who are between 2800 additional indicators and 3600 additional indicators (excluding 3600 additional indicators) is 85 percent. In this case, increasing the additional indicator to 3000 does not make sense. In addition, the compensation ratio of civil servants whose supplementary indicator is below 2800 remains at 55%. This gap in compensation reflection rates must be regulated.

Regional and provincial deputy directors, district managers and branch managers cannot benefit from 3600 additional indicator rights.

The biggest inequality in the regulation is applied to deputy provincial and regional directors, district managers and branch managers. In the additional indicator regulation submitted to the Assembly; Additional indicators of public officials in positions such as deputy regional directors, deputy provincial directors, district managers, branch managers are increased from 2200 to 3000. In this case, the additional indicator of 800 points given to public officials in this position has a symbolic meaning. It does not provide a significant increase in neither pensions nor regular pensions.

It also does not conform to the financial hierarchy. For example, the additional indicator of a professional working in any public institution is increased to 3600, but the additional indicator of the branch manager or district manager in the supervisor position remains at 3000.

3600 Additional indicator should be given to all officers

It is certain that a new inequality will emerge among millions of public workers if the regulation is approved in the general assembly in this form. Unfortunately, millions of civil servants were excluded from the regulation that the government referred to as a revolution. Our recommendation is to increase the additional indicators of all officers to 3600. In addition, an arrangement should be made for all our civil servants who started to work in 2008 and after, and an increase should be made in the compensation reflection rates of public officials whose Annex indicators are below 3600.”

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