Youth and Women's Unemployment Is Not Unsolvable

Youth and Women's Unemployment Is Not Solved
Youth and Women's Unemployment Is Not Unsolvable

According to the results of the household labor force survey of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), 2021 percent of those employed in 32,8 were women and 70,3 percent were men.

Women's participation in employment in Turkey is also below the European Union (EU) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. While the gap between the employment participation rate of women and men in OECD countries is 14,5 percent, while it is 10 percent in EU member countries, the same rate is 39,1 in Turkey.

According to TUIK data, the narrowly defined unemployment of young women, which was 2014 percent in 23, rose to 2021 in 27,2. Unemployment among women, which is defined as the seasonal unemployed and those who have given up looking for a job, was 2014 percent in 35,8 and became 2021 in 42,7.

The pandemic process in Turkey, whose female employment rate is below the average of developed countries, also negatively affected women's participation in the workforce. The closure of many factories and workplaces during the Covid-19 epidemic affected women's employment the most, and women's employment began to decline as of 2018.

Employment Incentives Could Be The Solution

With the Labor Law No. 2008 and the Law on Amendments to Some Laws enacted in 5763 in order to reduce unemployment and increase employment in Turkey; In order to encourage the employment of women and young people between the ages of 18-29, a gradual premium reduction was provided for five years if they are employed in addition to the existing employment. This law, which was prepared for the first time in Turkey in terms of encouraging women's employment, is of great importance.

Employers benefiting from employment incentives will help reduce the costs of employers a little if the insurance premiums they have to pay are covered by the state. Another group is women themselves. Employers who open their doors thanks to the incentives will employ women and attract them to the labor market by removing them from the "unemployed" group. The third group is the state. Increasing female employment rates thanks to the incentives will be effective in the economic growth and development of the country in macro terms.

Positive Results

Employment incentives, which started to be implemented to reduce unemployment, have also reflected positive results in the indicators over the years. Particularly, the state support to increase the employment of women and youth, implemented by Law No. 2011, which has been in effect since 6111, has positively affected women's participation in the workforce.

Berat Süphandağ, Chairman of the Board of Arti365 Consulting, who has been providing consultancy services in the field of Human Resources services for many years and is an expert in his field, states that employment incentives are at the top of the state policies to prevent unemployment, and according to the statistics they have obtained from hundreds of high-employment companies they serve, they have direct positive effects on the country's economy in the medium and long term. stated that it provided

Emphasizing that women's and youth employment is indispensable for the development of industry and service sectors, Berat Süphandağ shared the "unemployment, employment and labor force participation" figures of women in Turkey since 2011 in a graphic they prepared.

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