Teeth Whitening Applications

Teeth Whitening Applications
Teeth Whitening Applications

Dental aesthetic treatment methods applied to create beautiful smiles can be performed in many ways today. With one or all of the tooth whitening, implant and zirconium tooth coating solutions, which are among the most applied treatments to eliminate the smile aesthetic concerns caused by the teeth, the worries that the person feels due to their teeth can come to an end.

Among these methods, the most economical method is teeth whitening. Tooth whitening, which is used to remove the existing yellowing of the teeth from the tooth structure, should be the treatment that should be considered first. If there is no crowding that causes functional or bad appearance in the teeth, teeth whitening It would be a wise solution to start learning about the treatment.

Why Teeth Whitening Applications Should Be Preferred ?

Having a smile aesthetic using natural teeth should be the priority choice of every person. Dentists should also advise in this direction. Leading a life without losing problem-free teeth and properly caring for them provides us with the most comfortable and highest quality life.

Teeth whitening applications can be applied to healthy individuals who have no problems with their gums. It is not recommended for people under 16 years of age. Due to the possibility that the development is not yet at a sufficient level, people aged 16 and above are considered suitable for teeth whitening treatment. It is important for pregnant women to have thought of teeth whitening after giving birth and even during the breastfeeding period. Although there is no known or proven harm for pregnant women, the risks lead to delaying the treatment.

Some people may not be willing to start treatment due to the processes of dental aesthetic treatments. In such cases, if the teeth can achieve an aesthetic appearance only with whitening treatment, people can start their treatment without wasting time. With teeth whitening, which is called office type and performed in dental clinics, the desired color tone can be obtained in a period of 40 minutes.

The other method is zirconium dental veneer is the application. The zirconium teeth, which give the most harmonious appearance with the gums, are also the veneer teeth that create the most aesthetic appearance. Zirconium, which has the strongest structure among veneer dental treatments, promises long-term use without any metal support. Those who are considering veneer treatment and people with metal allergies should consider zirconium teeth without question.

Why Should I Consider Zirconium Teeth?

Despite being a veneer tooth, zirconium teeth, which have a solid structure, are more robust than other alternative teeth. For this reason, zirconium teeth are less likely to be damaged or broken in accidents or traumas than their alternatives.

Coloration of some teeth due to structural reasons may not be whitened with tooth whitening. In such cases, an alternative and closest application to whitening izmir zirconum tooth is happening. Zirconium teeth, which give an aesthetic appearance as natural teeth, are not easily exposed to yellowing if they are produced with quality materials. Even for this reason, it is sufficient to be preferred.

In cases where orthodontic treatments are expensive, zirconium teeth are life-saving. People may not want to consider orthodontic treatment for a small number of teeth with malalignment. Not everyone's budgets may fit braces. Zirconium dental treatment comes to the rescue of people in these and similar situations.

Zirconium Teeth are resistant to tooth ache caused by cold hot foods. The person does not experience the condition called tooth ache with zirconium teeth. Color changes in natural teeth due to the consumption of habits such as cigarettes, tea and coffee are minimized with zirconium teeth. If they are properly cared for and maintained, they can maintain the same color even with such habits.

Applied to replace lost teeth implant therapy It is one of the most preferred dental aesthetic methods. Implants, which are the most magnificent alternative teeth, have a solid structure due to the fact that they are produced from titanium material. Processes can be long due to waiting for the healing of the implant placed after the surgical procedure. However, at the end of the treatment, it is possible to reach a comfortable dental health that can last a lifetime.

Implant treatment can be applied to any individual who has completed the development of the jaw, has a sufficient number of bones in the jaw, and whose health is suitable for treatment. Although people have completed their development, there is not enough number of jaw bones. In these cases, bone transplantation or bone powder planting treatment can be performed by maxillofacial surgeons. In this way, people think izmir implant They can start a hassle-free implant treatment process with recommended dentists.

Misconceptions About Implants and Their Treatments

At first "Does implant treatment hurt?" We would like to say that the implant treatment is not a painful treatment. Even during tooth extraction, which is the simplest procedure, regional anesthesia is applied. During the surgical operation to place the implant, the treated area is anesthetized. In this way, pain is avoided. For those who have a fear of needles, the point where the injection will enter is anesthetized with the help of sprays, and the slight pain of the needle is prevented from being felt.

The rumor that implants cause cancer is also asparagus news. Today, there is no scientific research about it causing cancer. It is a false information that has spread from ear to ear because the permanent placement of titanium material in the body causes anxiety in some people. Implants do not harm human health.

"People with implant teeth are prohibited from having an MRI" information is also wrong. MRI devices attract metal materials towards themselves like magnets. For this reason, there is a thought that the implant will also be exposed to this situation. But Implants are made of titanium, not metal. People can have an MRI with their implants without any problems.

''The body rejects the implants over time' information is not correct. Implants are produced from titanium material. Our body is in seamless harmony with titanium. There is no such thing as a deterioration of this harmony over time. We would like to say to people who experience this fear that implant treatment is a safe treatment.

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