Search and Rescue Teams Rehearsed Exercise in Adana

Search and Rescue Teams Practiced in Adana
Search and Rescue Teams Rehearsed Exercise in Adana

After the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu declared 2022 as the "Year of Exercises", the rehearsal of the exercise to be held by the Disaster and Emergency Presidency (AFAD) under the coordination of our Ministry, National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE), Regional Directorate of Forestry, fire brigade, health, Gendarmerie and Police teams and search and rescue personnel of municipalities in Kozan district.

In the rehearsal, attended by 300 personnel, teams were dispatched to the area where the fire broke out, upon a forest fire notification in the rural area of ​​Eskimantaş Mahallesi.

In the rehearsal, which was also intervened from the air by helicopter, the Gendarmerie teams established checkpoints in the designated areas and ensured road safety.

Upon receiving the information that there were children affected by the fire in a primary school, the Gendarmerie teams went to the scene and transported the students to the safe area.

While the residents and animals of the neighborhood were rescued from the fire, food was distributed to the citizens. It was envisaged that tents would be set up in safe areas and that citizens would be temporarily accommodated in this area.

Citizens affected by the smoke and injured in accordance with the drill rehearsal were transferred to the hospital after the first intervention of UMKE and 112 Emergency Health teams.

As the fire spread to Minnetli Neighborhood as a requirement of the rehearsal, the teams carried out studies in this region as well.

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