40 Tons of Waste Daily Is Bringing Into The Economy In Samsun

In Samsun, Tons of Waste are Reintroduced to the Economy Daily
40 Tons of Waste Daily Is Bringing Into The Economy In Samsun

Plastic, glass, metal and paper wastes are separated from household wastes coming to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Landfill, and 40 tons of recyclable waste is brought into the economy per day.

1000 tons of household waste is collected daily by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and brought to the Solid Waste Landfill. Here, the wastes loaded on pallets with construction machinery are separated and classified as metal, glass, plastic, nylon, paper and cardboard. Packaging wastes that are separated according to their types are sent for recycling and brought back into the economy.

Since May 2019, 31 thousand 670 tons of packaging waste has been collected by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. By recycling the collected waste, 527 thousand cubic meters of water was saved. While the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality for a cleaner and more livable Samsun continue at full speed, its works in terms of preventing environmental pollution, extending the life of disposal facilities, reducing waste generation and providing added value to the economy set an example for all local governments.


Main Service Building, SASKİ, Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department (AKOM), Fire Brigade Department Building, Machinery Supply Department, Bafra Bus Station Building, Kültür A.Ş., Samsun Central Solid Waste Landfill, Çarşamba Solid Waste Landfill The Metropolitan Municipality, which has the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate with its 12 units in total, including the Medical Waste Sterilization Facility, Samulaş A.Ş., and the Art Center Building, has brought 2019 thousand 31 tons of packaging waste into the economy since May 670. 18 tons of recycled paper and 825 trees, 319 tons of plastic and 500 cubic meters of oil, 8 tons of glass and 125 tons of glass raw materials, 20 tons of metal and 500 tons of metal. raw materials, 3 thousand 80 cubic meters of storage space and 2 cubic meters of water were saved.

Emphasizing that packaging wastes are brought into the economy through recycling, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “Over the average of 1000 tons of household waste collected daily, 40 tons of plastic, glass, metal and paper are recycled. In addition, organic wastes are decomposed and converted into methane gas. We also produce electricity from methane gas. We are also working on making compost fertilizer in our biogas facility.”

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