Samsun Interest in TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan

TEKNOFEST Interest in Samsun in Azerbaijan
Samsun Interest in TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality opened a promotional stand at 'TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan' held in Baku. He introduced the city. It was stated that the interest was very high. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank also visited the Samsun stand.

'TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan', which was organized in Baku Crystal Hall and Seaside Boulevard National Park, started with the support of Turkey's Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation), Azerbaijan's Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, and the Republic of Turkey's Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the support of the country's important institutions and companies. 'TEKNOFEST', which will be held in Baku on May 26-29, took its place in Azerbaijan with the promotion stand they set up by the Samsun Governorship and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Samsun's stand, which will host TEKNOFEST 2022 in Turkey, attracts great attention.

Brochures, booklets and various gifts related to the promotion of the city are given to visitors who come to the Samsun stand. The participants were informed about the natural beauties, history and tourism centers of Samsun, and information about its social, economic and historical importance was shared. Particularly young people showed great interest in Samsun stand.

On the other hand, the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank also visited the Samsun stand. Minister Varank received information about the promotional activities carried out at the stand.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir and Deputy Secretary General Metin Köksal, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department İdris Akdin and Head of Information Processing Department Mehmet Sami Çapacıoğlu took part in the event in Baku.

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