Opel's Flagship in SUV New Grandland in Turkey

Opel's flagship SUV in the new Grandland in Turkey
Opel's Flagship in SUV New Grandland in Turkey

Opel's flagship in SUV, the new Grandland, is on sale in Turkey. The new Opel Grandland is getting ready to set standards in its class with its modern and bold design, digital cockpit feature and superior German technologies. The new Grandland, which is offered for sale with three different equipment options as Edition, Elegance and Ultimate, can be preferred with 130 HP 1.2-liter turbo petrol and 1.5-liter diesel engine options. The renewed model offers the AT8 fully automatic transmission as standard in all engine options. Grandland, the newest member of the Opel SUV family, is waiting for its owners with prices starting from 809.900 TL.

The bold and simple design language, which started with the renewed Crossland and continued with the Mokka, which went on sale last year, finds a place for itself in the new Grandland as well. Equipped with the Opel Visor on the outside and the digital Pure Panel cockpit on the inside, the new Grandland sets the standards in its class. Available with three different equipment options as Edition, Elegance and Ultimate, 130 HP 1.2-liter turbo petrol and 1.5-liter diesel engine options, the new Grandland offers AT8 fully automatic transmission as standard in all engine options. The new Opel Grandland is waiting for its new owners in Opel showrooms with prices starting from 809.900 TL.

“The Renewed Opel SUV Family Is Now Much More Ambitious”

Expressing that the Opel SUV Family has been completely renewed and has become much more assertive in its segment with the launch of the New Grandland in Turkey, Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin said, “Our rise, which started in the SUV segment with the renewed Crossland and Mokka, continues with the addition of the new Grandland to the family. it will. Grandland, the flagship of our brand in SUV, reflects Opel's current design language and is a model that can meet all the needs of families with its spacious living space, up-to-date technologies and superior safety features. With its efficient engine options and driving pleasure from Opel's genes, the new Grandland will further strengthen our claim in the SUV segment. In the first 2022 months of 4, with our Opel SUV models, we achieved a market share of 8.3% in the SUV segment and ranked among the top 4 brands. We ranked 12.2th in B-SUV with a market share of 4%. With the new Grandland, we aim to further increase our market share in the SUV segment. We believe that we will keep Opel in the top 5 in the SUV market with our three powerful models this year, and we are working towards this goal.”

Confident Appearance

The modern design of the new Opel Grandland reveals itself at first glance with its bold and simple lines. In the first place, 'Opel Visor', one of the new design elements of the brand, draws attention on the front. The Grandland name and lightning logo are located in the middle of the trunk lid, as in other SUV models. Body-coloured bumpers, fenders and door guards complement the overall design. Having 5 different body color options as Alpine White, Quartz Grey, Diamond Black, Vertigo Blue and Ruby Red, the new Grandland also offers a dual-color roof option.

Efficient 130 HP Gasoline and Diesel Engines

The new Grandland offers consumers different alternatives with both turbo petrol and diesel engine options. The 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine, which makes a difference in its class with its high efficiency, stands out with its 130 HP power and 230 Nm torque offered from low revs, both with its performance and efficiency. Turbo petrol unit accelerates Grandland from 0 to 100 km/h in 10,3 seconds; It consumes an average of 100 – 6,4 liters of fuel per 6,6 kilometers and reaches a CO144 emission value of 149 – 2 g/km (WLTP1).

On the diesel side, the 1.5-liter engine, which stands out with its efficiency and high torque, is offered to consumers. The engine with 130 HP power and 300 Nm torque accelerates Grandland from 0 to 100 km/h in 11,5 seconds, while consuming an average of 100 – 5,1 liters of fuel per 5,2 kilometers and emitting 133 – 138 g/km CO2. reaches its value (WLTP1).

The new generation engines provide a smooth and comfortable ride in daily use with the light structure of the vehicle. These engines are accompanied by the AT8 automatic transmission with adaptive shift programs and Quickshift technology. If the driver wishes, he can also change gears manually with the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

Clear, Intuitive and Visionary: The New Opel Pure Panel Cockpit

The cockpit of the new Opel Grandland is not only innovative, but also focuses on basic needs. Two large screens are combined into one unit, forming the Opel Pure Panel. The fully digital, driver-oriented cockpit, which is standard on all equipment, offers intuitive operation and distracts the driver from a complex experience. While both screens are offered as 7 inches in the Edition hardware, the 12-inch driver information display in the Elegance and Ultimate equipment is the reference point in its class. The 10-inch central touch screen, on the other hand, enables a safer journey focused on driving with its driver-oriented design.

The new model also draws attention with its infotainment system and advanced connectivity features. Passengers can enjoy excellent connectivity and entertainment with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible system. The wireless charging feature provides regular charging for compatible smartphones without the hassle of cables.

Both the driver information display and the central color touchscreen offer more customization possibilities than ever before. On the driver information screen; In addition to driver fatigue warning, oil temperature, multimedia information and trip computer data, the new night vision system and navigation can also be displayed. Thus, the driver can safely access all the information he wants without taking his attention from the road.

Another important innovation in the cabin of the new Grandland is the gear selector, while the new design now provides a much more ergonomic use and a stylish look.

New Technologies, Standard with New Grandland

The new Opel Grandland brings many new technologies to the users, deserving of the flagship designation of the SUV. Adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Headlights, night vision system and semi-autonomous driving feature are also offered for the first time in the new Grandland. Adaptable IntelliLux LED® Pixel Headlights, which is the reference point of its class, perfectly adapts the light beam to the driving conditions and environment without glare in the eyes of other traffic stakeholders, with 84 LED cells, 168 per headlight. The new Grandland also features full LED headlights as standard starting from the entry-level equipment.

The new Grandland ensures the safety of all users and other creatures traveling on dark rural roads, especially at night, with night vision system technology. The system's infrared camera detects people and animals up to 100 meters ahead in the driving direction of Grandland, depending on the temperature difference in the surrounding. The night vision system warns the driver audibly and displays their position on the digital driver information display in the new Pure Panel. The pedestrian or animal in front of the vehicle is highlighted in color to be clearly distinguished from the surroundings.

The new Grandland is equipped with a new generation driving support system that increases driving safety and driving comfort. Many of these systems are standard on the new Grandland. Among the technologies offered as standard; It has active emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, advanced forward collision warning, 360 degree surround view camera and advanced traffic sign detection system. Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go feature and active lane tracking system with lane centering feature and semi-autonomous driving function are also offered to drivers in the new Grandland.

The new Opel Grandland also offers many driving support systems to its users. Front and rear cameras make maneuvering easy. The area around the vehicle is shown as a bird's eye view on the infotainment screen. When the vehicle moves forward while manoeuvring, the front camera view is also automatically activated.

AGR Approved Ergonomic Seats

The new Opel Grandland meets the highest standards not only with its support systems, but also with its ergonomic features. Ergonomic active driver and front passenger seats with AGR certificate (German Campaign for Healthy Backs) support driving comfort. The award-winning seats are unique in Grandland's class and offer many adjustment options, from electric tilt adjustment to electro-pneumatic lumbar support. Apart from the seat heating feature, there is also the ventilation function along with the leather upholstery option. Leather seats are also available as an option.

Dual-zone automatic air conditioning, which is standard in every Grandland version, contributes to interior comfort. With the AC Max function, if the interior of the car parked under the sun in summer is very hot, the maximum cooling capacity can be adjusted by touching the button in the air conditioning menu on the infotainment screen. Heated windshield stands out as another feature that increases comfort in cold winter months.

Comfort is further enhanced by the keyless entry and start, as well as the electric tailgate with sensors that can be opened and closed automatically by foot movement under the rear bumper.

Along with the features in the Ultimate equipment, the optional Premium Pack package offers leather seats, AGR approved 8-way driver and 6-way front passenger seats, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and night vision system.

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