Statement of the National Security Council: Operations to be Executed Necessity of Our Security Needs

Statement of the National Security Board Operations to be Performed Necessary of Our Security Needs
Statement of the National Security Council Operations to be Executed The Necessity of Our Security Needs

The National Security Council (MGK) convened under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After the National Security Council (MGK) meeting held at the Presidential Complex, the statement was published.

In the Declaration of the National Security Council (NSC), it was stated that the operations currently carried out or to be carried out to clear the southern borders of the terrorist threat do not in any way target the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Turkey's neighbors, and are in line with national security needs.

In the statement; At the meeting, it was stated to the Board about the operations carried out with determination, determination and success in the country and abroad, against all kinds of threats and dangers against national unity and solidarity and survival, especially PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG, FETO and DAESH terrorist organizations. It was stated that information was presented and additional measures were discussed.

In the MGK statement, the following was noted: “It was stated that the operations currently carried out or to be carried out in order to clear our southern borders from the threat of terrorism do not in any way target the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our neighbors, they are a necessity of our national security needs, and it is underlined that these operations will make a serious contribution to the peace and security of our neighbors as well. It has been emphasized that Turkey, which always fulfills its obligations in the international organizations and alliances to which it is a member, in accordance with the spirit and law of alliance and the principle of pact fidelity, expects the same responsibility and sincerity from its allies. It has been called upon to put an end to these attitudes and behaviors and to take into account Turkey's security sensitivities.”

war between ukraine and russia

Emphasizing that a comprehensive ceasefire should be declared without delay in order to stop the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation and open the way to a peaceful solution, it was stated that a solution to be reached within the framework of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will be the basis for establishing a lasting peace in the region.

In the MGK Declaration, "Greece's gradually increasing provocative actions in the Aegean Sea, which violates international law and the treaties to which it is a party, and its efforts to exploit alliances that need to be acted upon with an understanding of cooperation, were discussed, and our determined stance on the protection of our nation's rights and interests was uncompromised. emphasized that it will continue.” expression was used.

In the declaration, in which the concern about the resurgence of Islamophobia in some countries in the recent period was also stated, "Relevant countries were reminded of their responsibilities not to ignore and prevent provocative actions, including the burning of our holy book, the Qur'an, and the targeting of our citizens with actual attacks." statements were included.

It was also stated in the MGK Declaration that the importance of preserving the country's territorial integrity with the stability achieved in Libya and avoiding steps that could lead to new conflicts was emphasized, and that the need for fair, free and credible elections to be held all over Libya, in line with the expectations of the people, on the basis of national reconciliation, was also conveyed.

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