IBB Tech Future Program Launched

IBB Tech Future Program Launched
IBB Tech Future Program Launched

In order to train young human resources in the field of information technologies, the 'İBB Tech Future' program was launched with 30 candidates. It is aimed that the project will contribute to youth employment in Turkey and shape the future of the youth.

Employment project created for the young human resource needs of IBB technology group affiliate companies IBB Tech Future program launch On May 23, 2022 IMM Human Resources Responsible President Advisor Yiğit Oğuz Duman, İBB Subsidiaries Technology Group President and BELBİM General Manager Nihat Narin, ISTTELKOM General Manager Yücel Karadeniz and Mesut Kızıl, General Manager of ISBAK. Managers came together with young talents and talked about being a member of İBB, and shared their expectations and work experiences.

2 candidates who have completed the application and evaluation process in the first stage of the project, which is comprehensively prepared for IT (information technologies) staff, will have the chance to continue their careers in IMM affiliate companies, new graduates from the relevant engineering fields or with a maximum of 30 years of work experience. In addition to making a significant contribution to youth employment in Turkey, the project is aimed to shape the future of young people with the training and development opportunities it offers.

After the launch event, which is the beginning of a six-month development journey, a full training program including seminars, orientation programs and meetings with companies awaits young talents from Istanbul.


Speaking at the opening of the program, İBB President Advisor Yiğit Oğuz Duman stated that the young candidates will work for the İBB family, which provides 16/7 service to 24 million Istanbul residents, which requires great responsibility, and said, “Don't forget to take innovation as the main reference with a fair, sustainable city in all your works.”


Nihat Narin, İBB Subsidiaries Technology Group President and BELBİM General Manager, emphasized that as İBB, they invest not only in technology but also in young people who are the future of Turkey, and said;

“With this program, which will make an important breakthrough in technology, we aim to meet the need for qualified personnel in the IT field of IMM affiliates. It is imperative that we keep up with digital transformation in order to catch up with the era and even prevent it. I sincerely believe that our young people in the IT field will also provide us with added value with ideas and projects that will carry IMM into the future.”


ISTTELKOM General Manager Yücel Karadeniz stated that today the biggest capital is human and that ISTTELKOM is one of the most dynamic companies with the youngest average age of IMM, “We trust the energy of the youth. Be a part of a story, success, team in your work. We dream of young people being extraordinary, making a difference and doing work that produces benefits focused on continuous development.”

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Reminding that ISBAK is an important R&D company of IMM, General Manager Mesut Kızıl said that young people are the locomotive of institutional development and change, and the future of Turkey. “We will be happy to work with young talents and sign new projects,” Kızıl said.

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