How to Find Qibla Direction on Bus and Train?

train qibla
train qibla

People who travel by means of transportation such as plane, bus, train or automobile may face some problems when they want to pray. The first of these is the problems experienced in determining the direction of the qibla where we will stand for prayer. Another is plane, ship, train bus etc. It is the difficulty of praying in transportation vehicles. What should those who want to stand for prayer on transportation vehicles such as planes, ships, buses, trains? Is it permissible to pray in these vehicles? Qibla direction What will we pay attention to in the determination? What are the fiqh issues about determining the direction of the qibla and performing the prayer? Here we will try to give you the answers to these and similar questions.

It is permissible to perform nafilah prayers on transportation vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and buses. In obligatory prayers, it cannot be performed in these vehicles or on a passenger, unless it is a necessity. For, fards have certain times, and at those times one can stop and pray. As a matter of fact, while the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was performing voluntary prayers, he used to pray on his mount no matter which way he turned. When he wanted to perform a fard prayer, he would get off his mount and face the qibla and pray (Bukhari, Salat, 31). It is also permissible to perform fard prayers on a mount in situations where there is a fear of harm to life and property, or when the ground is muddy or there is no suitable place to pray (Kasani, Bedâî', I, 108). Presidency of Religious Affairs; “Today, those who travel by bus, train or plane can offer their prayers standing up and facing the qibla, so it is not possible for them to pray while sitting. However, they can also perform their prayers before or after the journey or by congregating at the resting places. However, it is recommended that the bus companies arrange the break times to coincide with the prayer times, taking into account the religious sensitivity of the passengers. clarified the issue.

So, how will those who want to pray in the vehicle due to necessity find the direction of the qibla? It is not obligatory for a person who is unable to get down from a car or a car due to an excuse to pray facing the qibla. Apart from this, it is obligatory to stand for prayer by facing the qibla during the journey in vehicles such as ferries, trains, planes, buses and the like. You can find out your qibla direction through pages such as: Or you can find your qibla direction by asking those who know the qibla.

In any case, it is necessary not to stand for prayer without asking or researching the qibla. We should pay attention to praying in mosques/masjids at break points. If such a situation is not possible, it is necessary to determine the qibla direction before praying as much as possible, and to stand in the direction of ijtihad. You can use the Qibla Finder online qibla finder site to find your qibla direction in foreign countries. Qibla Finder You can get the Qibla direction line of your current location on the online map; You can learn the qibla degree for your location compass. Wherever you are, you can easily and accurately determine the qibla direction using these studies. May your prayers be accepted, may your journey be auspicious...

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