Housing Loan from the State! What is the Housing Loan Interest Rate? How Many Years Will the Home Loan Have?

How Many Years Will the Home Loan Mortgage Interest Rate For Home Loans From The Government?
Housing Loan from the State! How Many Years Will the Mortgage Loan Interest Rate Be in Home Loans?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the Cabinet meeting. President Erdoğan, who was in front of the cameras after the critical meeting, gave the good news of housing finance to be given by the state with suitable loans and interest rates. So, what is the home loan interest rate? How many years will be the maturity of the home loan? Here are the statements of President Erdogan!


Making statements after the cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the following regarding the housing finance support:

“In order to protect our citizens from fluctuations in the housing sector, we offer three separate packages to the service of our nation.

First; We provide housing loans with a maturity of up to 10 years and a monthly interest rate of 0,99 percent to our citizens who will be the first and only home owner.

With more than 1 million houses in our country, we made our citizens homeowners under favorable conditions. Due to the exorbitant increases in raw material prices in the global economy, there has been a decrease in housing sales. We offer 3 different packages for housing finance.

It is about our companies that want to buy and build houses. We made our citizens homeowners with 1 million 100 thousand residences.

We will implement a series of measures to protect the supply in the housing sector from fluctuations. 3 packages on housing finance.

In the first package, we will provide 2 percent credit for first-hand housing up to 0.99 million liras to our citizens, who will be the first home owner.

In the construction sector, we have allocated a resource of 40 billion TL for the completion of construction projects, 20% of which have been completed as of May.

Thus, we aim to rapidly complete the projects under construction, increasing the housing supply and stabilizing the prices in the short term.

We are also accelerating TOKİ's projects. We will provide 30 billion TL support to TOKİ for projects aimed at making low-income citizens homeowners.”

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