reference code: 8317096

Gate io reference code
Gate io reference code

8317096 Get the highest commission discount of 30% by registering on the cryptocurrency exchange with the referral code. referral code Pay less commission on every purchase and sale you make if you become a member with .

This content includes information about how to register on the exchange, what the advantages of the reference code are, and the features of the exchange.

What is Referral Code? What Does It Do?

The main source of income of cryptocurrency exchanges is commissions. cryptocurrency exchange also receives commissions at various rates from the purchase and sale transactions made by users.

You can get a 30% commission discount on the purchase and sale transactions you make by registering with the reference code on the Gate exchange.

How to Generate Referral Code?

After registering with, you can earn commission income from the transactions made by your friends by sharing the referral code.

“Market – My References – Create Referral Link” You can create a referral code by following the path. currently has the right to create a single referral code. Referral Code Rates

The reference code rates on the exchange are as follows;

  • 10% to yourself / 30% to your friend
  • 20% to yourself / 20% to your friend
  • 30% to yourself / 10% to your friend
  • 40% to yourself / 0% to your friend

You can always change the reference code rates from the My References button. The highest commission discount you can share with your friends on the exchange is 30%.

  • 30% referral code: 8317096

What are Commission Rates?

Commission rates on the exchange are rated according to the VIP system. The commission rate for users newly registered on the exchange is 0.2%.

  • Deposits at are free. No commission is charged for this transaction.
  • If you hodl Gate Token (GT) on the exchange, the commission rate drops to 0.15%. That's why we recommend that users who are new to the stock market buy Gate Token.

How to Register on

  1. To register on the exchange, you must first You have to click the link.
  2. After entering your e-mail and password "Referral ID" You can enter the code 8317096 in the section. You can leave this field blank, but if it is empty, you will pay more commission on your purchases and sales.
  3. "Create Account" After pressing the button, you need to enter the confirmation code sent to your e-mail address into the system.
  4. Your account has been created. Now you have to enter the settings menu and perform the authentication process. You cannot trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange without performing identity verification.
  5. After the identity verification process, your account will be opened for deposits and withdrawals.
  6. At, authentication transactions (KYC) are usually confirmed within 1 hour.

Is Safe?

According to Coinmarketcap data, is the 524th exchange with the highest daily trading volume among 7 crypto exchanges.'s trading score is also 7.1. In other words, investors consider the exchange to be among the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. exchange takes various security measures such as e-mail and SMS confirmation, fund password, anti-phishing code, Google Authenticator to keep your investment safe. Of course, these measures alone are not enough. You also need to take precautions to keep your investments safe.

Information About Exchange is a stock exchange that has been operating since 2013. Since then, it has become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. The number of users exceeding 80 million around the world, a daily transaction volume of 12 billion dollars and its presence in 224 countries also played a role in its rapid growth.

Simplicity and ease of use for its customers, It is of great importance for such a versatile stock market. Therefore, the platform uses a similar interface with its main competitors Binance, KuCoin and others.

Different parts of the site are relatively easy to navigate. Overview of cryptocurrency markets, margin trading, lending and borrowing, spot trading, financial services, IEO platform or wallets can be accessed directly from the main menu.

What Operations Can You Perform on

There are many cryptocurrencies available and many services. It also has a strong trading system and volume. To elaborate, it has the following services and products;

  • spot trading
  • leveraged trading
  • Leveraged ETF
  • Futures
  • quantitative trading
  • secured loan
  • P2P transactions

Final Word on Exchange

The most important feature of is that it is the first place where cryptocurrencies with the potential to enter exchanges such as Binance, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi are listed. Here it is easier for you to find cryptocurrencies that will increase hundreds of times. Therefore, users also register on the exchange.

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