Imminent Danger in Advanced Age Cancers: Silver Tsunami

The Approaching Danger in Advanced Age Cancers Silver Tsunami
Imminent Danger in Advanced Age Cancers Silver Tsunami

At the International Symposium on Geriatric Hematology Oncology held at Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Sabancı Culture Palace, attention was drawn to the 'Silver Tsunami' wave that may occur in advanced age cancers. DEU Rector Prof.Dr. Nükhet Hotar said, “It is seen that approximately 60 percent of cancer cases and 70 percent of cancer-related deaths occur in individuals aged 65 and over. That's why we need to be prepared for the Silver Tsunami process," he said.

International Geriatric Hematology Oncology Symposium, organized in cooperation with Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Oncology Institute, Geriatric Hematology Association and Geriatric Oncology Association, was held at DEU Sabancı Culture Palace. Held with the contributions of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the hybrid symposium brought together hematology, medical oncology and pharmacology specialists, geriatricians and gerontologists interested in Geriatric Hematology-Oncology in the world and in Turkey. In the symposium where experts in the field shared their views, the measures to be taken against the approaching 'Silver Tsunami' wave in cancers aged 60 and over, where 70 percent of current cancer cases and 65 percent of cancer-related deaths occur, were discussed.

Making the opening speech of the international symposium, DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar pointed out that the number of older individuals is increasing day by day and said, “The ratio of our citizens over the age of 65 to the general population in our country is expected to increase to 2060 percent in 22.6. It is seen that approximately 60 percent of cancer cases and 70 percent of cancer-related deaths occur in individuals aged 65 and over. This table also points to a process called the 'Silver Tsunami' on a global scale. Therefore, decision makers, institutions planning national health policies, universities and health professionals should be prepared for this reality. In our country; Rector Hotar, who stated that the outputs of the symposium organized for the first time on the concept of geriatric hematology oncogy are of great importance, said, “Our Dokuz Eylül University, which carries out academic studies in the fields of cancer and geriatrics; It successfully fulfills its duties as a higher education institution providing quality health services. Our university, which established the first Department of Translational Oncology and the Department of Adolescent and Young Adult Tumors in our country within the body of our Oncology Institute, also hosts Turkey's first Department of Geriatric Oncology. As the Rectorate, we show sensitivity in all matters concerning geriatrics, and support our members, projects and investments who want to work on this issue. To encourage national and international cooperation; We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities towards our individuals in the advanced age group.”


Ravindran Kanesvaran, President of the International Association of Geriatric Oncology, who attended the meeting online from Singapore, said that by 2050, the population aged 65 and over will exceed 1.5 billion worldwide. Pointing out that the fastest aging countries will be developing countries, Kanesvaran said, “Cancer is a disease of aging. The number of cancer patients will increase depending on the number of elderly people," he said. Stating that education, clinical practice, research activities and collaborations are of great importance for studies on cancer, Kanesvaran said, "We can go a long way in advanced age cancers with telemedicine applications and international collaborations."


President of Geriatric Hematology Association Prof. Dr. Osman İlhan also drew attention to the aging population rate and said, “Turkey is among the fastest aging countries. The Ministry of Aging was established in Japan. We also need to be ready for this situation. Our mission is to keep people alive. The pyramid is now changing in Turkey, our country's population is aging rapidly. But Turkey still has time. We can prepare for the aging population, we have a great opportunity ahead of us. If we use this opportunity, there will be great acceleration in health tourism in Turkey. kazancan. Now the target has been set to 100 years old, we have more than 5 thousand people over the age of 100 in Turkey. "We need to increase palliative care services," he said.


DEU Faculty of Medicine Dean V. and Oncology Institute Director Prof. Dr. Nur Olgun also stated that they brought together names from various cities of Turkey and abroad in the symposium and said, “Our Rector of Dokuz Eylül University, Prof. Dr. With the intense efforts of Nükhet Hotar, he established and brought to life many disciplines and majors in the field of oncology. We started and continue our clinical practices and research activities. We also provide outpatient services in the Adolescent and Young Adult Tumor Department. Our services to the Department of Geriatric Oncology are also starting gradually. The Silver Tsunami will also take over our country. Knowing this fact, we must all act together. We are all getting old, let's be aware of this fact," he said.

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