With Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, the Production of the Aegean Region Will Be Exported to the World

With Kemalpasa Logistics Center, the Production of the Aegean Region Will Be Exported to the World
With Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, the Production of the Aegean Region Will Be Exported to the World

TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük, who made inspections at the workplaces of the Izmir Regional Directorate, visited the Uşak Station workplaces on the first day of his trip. Meeting with the employees of the Logistics Chief, Passenger Chief and Uşak Warehouse Chief, Pezük received information about the freight transports in Uşak.

Pezuk emphasized that the work required to increase the variety of cargoes and the amount of shipments made from Uşak, where mostly ceramics are carried, should be enriched day by day.

General Manager Pezük, who received information about the business processes in the Uşak Warehouse, which serves in the historical building dating back to the 1800s, underlined that they would never compromise on safety and efficiency while their business processes are being carried out.

“Our first priority is safety”

Pezük: “There have been great leaps in the development of humanity with the discovery of every means of transportation. The Aegean is a region where the history of Turkish railways began 166 years ago, where railway accumulation and culture are rooted. Railways, which are the lifeblood of our Aegean, are in a great development in every sense, increasing their service quality and capacity in terms of both passenger and freight transportation. In these developments, our first priority is safety. Each of our personnel, my railroader friend, will never make any concessions on this issue, and will not allow it to be given, while doing his job with the awareness of safety.” said.

Reminding that they have to develop a system in which the personnel cannot bend the rules, as they have repeatedly underlined during the visits to the workplaces, Pezük said: “We will accept our shortcomings as well as our successes, eliminate them as soon as possible and proceed on our way by doing the necessary work. In this process, safety, security, safety is our first starting point.

Later on, Pezük met with the Passenger Chief's employees at the historical Salihli Station and received information about passenger transportation there.

“With Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, the production of the Aegean Region will be exported to the whole world”

Receiving information about the Kemalpaşa Station and the works at the Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, which is still under construction, Pezük said that with the completion of Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, the production and exports of the Aegean Region will be delivered to the whole world more economically and more easily.

Emphasizing that the logistics capacity will increase when Kemalpaşa Logistics Center is completed, Pezük stated that the Logistics Master Plan prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is very important for Turkey's economic development and prosperity, and within the framework of this plan, Turkey is advancing step by step towards its goal of becoming a logistics base.

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