Who is Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode Member Who Died At 60?

Depeche Mode Member Andy Fletcher Who Lost His Life At Age
Who is Depeche Mode Member Andy Fletcher Who Died At 60

Andy Fletcher, member of the world-famous British band Depeche Mode, has died at the age of 60. Fletcher was one of the founders of the group that came together in the 80s.

"We are shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely death of our close friend, family member and band member," the group's social media account said in a statement.

Depeche Mode has made a name for itself with chart-topping electronic songs since its establishment.

Who is Andy Fletcher?

Andrew Fletcher was born in England. Her family consisted of her mother Joy, father John and siblings Susan, Karen and Simon. After joining a club called “Boy Brigade”, he met Vince Clarke, one of the founders of Depeche Mode. Fletcher began his career as the bassist of the band “Composition of Sound,” where he played with Vince Clarke, but later turned to making up for the band's lack of synthesizer elements. Martin Gore, now a member of Depeche Mode, was also present in the “Composition of Sound”. Clarke, Martin Gore, and Fletcher joined Dave Gahan to form Depeche Mode. Meanwhile, the band members were also working in other jobs, and Fletcher was dealing with insurance. After the first album, Clarke left the band and was replaced by Alan Wilder. Fletcher was always in the background in the group, he was mostly responsible for the organization of the group. The musician did not write any songs for Depeche Mode. To date, Depeche Mode's financial director and sözcüit happened. He was the name that shared the news about the band, album promotions and tour schedules with the press, and even signed the contracts.

Fletcher was criticized by the media and Depeche Mode fans for not contributing much to the band musically. One of the reasons was that the group never came to the fore in their early days. He was seen playing bass in the band's videos for "A Pain That I'm Used To" and "The Sinner In Me". Other than that, it was never noticed.

Fletcher recorded a solo album called "Toast Hawaii", which was his favorite food in 1984. All of the songs on the album were reinterpretations and featured Fletcher on lead vocals. In fact, Martin Gore and Alan Wilder played the piano during the recording of the album, and Wilder also took the picture of the album cover. However, producer Daniel Miller could not be persuaded to release the album. The musician was also criticized for his lack of vocals, making him the only member of Depeche Mode to not do vocals. Although he appeared to be singing at concerts, his microphone was usually turned off.

Fletcher married Grainne Mullan on January 16, 1993. Before the couple got married, they had a daughter named Megan on August 25, 1991, and a son named Joseph on June 22, 1994. Fletcher stayed in the hospital for a while due to psychological problems in the early 1990s and could not contribute to the band or participate in tours. After leaving the hospital, he devoted himself to his family and returned to Depeche Mode in 1992. Meanwhile, the group began to crackle. Dave Gahan's drug problems, Martin Gore's alcohol problems, and Fletcher's psychological problems caused a rift between the members. As Fletcher's problems resurfaced, Deryl Bemonte was replaced on the 1993-1994 Devotional tour.

Fletcher gave himself to new projects in these difficult days. In 2001, he founded a label called “Toast Hawaii Records” to discover new talents. His first project was to undertake all the operational work of the group called “Client” and even contribute to the group as a DJ. In 2004, she took a break from the project to concentrate on Depeche Mode's “Playing The Angel” album.

Fletcher's favorite Depeche Mode song is "World In My Eyes". He was a fan of Chelsea Football Club. The title father of Depeche Mode's albums “Violator” and “Music for the Masses”, these names are taken from the sentences he used in an interview. Depeche Mode fans refer to him as "Andy Fletcher". The musician owns a restaurant called “Gascogne” in London.

He died on May 26, 2022. Fletcher's cause of death was not published out of respect for his family.

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