WhatsApp Cloud-Based API Released for Business

WhatsApp Cloud-Based API Has Been Used by Businesses
WhatsApp Cloud-Based API Released for Business

WhatsApp's cloud-based application programming interface, WhatsApp Cloud API, has been made available to businesses and developers. Along with the Cloud API, new features of WhatsApp Business were also announced.

WhatsApp has made its cloud-based application programming interface (API) available to businesses. With the WhatsApp Cloud API focused on small businesses, businesses and developers will be able to access services built directly on WhatsApp, customizing their experiences and responding to their customers faster.

Speaking at the event where the WhatsApp Cloud API was announced, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that as of today, more than 1 billion users interact with their WhatsApp business accounts. In the statement made by WhatsApp on the subject, the following statements were included:

“Today, we are offering the cloud hosting services offered by Meta for free and taking a significant step forward by enabling businesses of all sizes around the world to use WhatsApp. Thanks to this new API, we have reduced the initial process from months to minutes. This enables businesses and developers to quickly and easily access our services built directly on WhatsApp, allowing them to further customize their experience and respond to their customers more quickly.”


Instant communication platform WhatsApp within Meta also shared the new features of the WhatsApp Business application for businesses. Accordingly, businesses are now on 10 devices simultaneously with WhatsApp Business. sohbetcan manage their

Businesses, sohbete will be able to use new adaptive WhatsApp links. Optional additional services that can be accessed as part of a new 'premium' service in the WhatsApp Business app will be available for a fee.

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