What is an Animator, What Does He Do, How To Become? Animator Salaries 2022

What Is An Animator What Does It Do How To Be Animator Salaries
What is an Animator, What Does He Do, How to Become Animator Salaries 2022

The animator organizes entertainment programs in order to ensure that guests have a pleasant time in accommodation and entertainment venues such as holiday villages, hotels and ships. It also organizes various sports activities throughout the day.

What Does An Animator Do, What Are Their Duties?

According to the field where the animator is capable; It can provide services for specific entertainment areas such as sports, fitness, children's club animating. The general job description of the animator includes;

  • Creating an animation / entertainment program for the holiday venue,
  • Preparing separate dance and comedy shows for children and adults,
  • Beach volleyball, football, table tennis, darts, water polo etc. organizing sports activities,
  • Managing fitness programs such as yoga, aerobics, dance class, water gymnastics,
  • Creating an eye-catching notice board promoting the entertainment program,
  • To encourage the participation of guests in activities,
  • Preparing costumes or props,
  • Ensuring that electrical equipment and other stage sets are safe and that entertainment equipment does not block entrances and exits,
  • Providing good customer service.

How to Become an Animator

There is no formal education requirement to be an animator. Animation trainings are given by various institutions.

Animators are expected to be primarily creative and energetic. Other qualities that employers look for in animators can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Being able to work in different working hours such as weekends or evenings,
  • To have cultural awareness,
  • To be able to communicate well with customers,
  • Having the discipline of teamwork or individual work,
  • Demonstrate physical ability to stand up for long periods of time,
  • No travel restrictions

Animator Salaries 2022

The lowest Animator salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.400 TL, the average Animator salary was 6.200 TL, and the highest Animator salary was 16.800 TL.

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