Turkey Selects Space Traveller under the National Space Program

Turkey Chooses Space Passenger Within the Scope of National Space Program
Turkey Selects Space Traveller under the National Space Program

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in a statement after the cabinet, announced that they have started the 'Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission' determined within the scope of the National Space Program.

Turkey's first manned space mission begins. The Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission project has started. In 100, the 2023th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, there will be a Turk in space. The Turkish Space Passenger will be sent to the International Space Station for scientific research. One of the 2 candidates to be selected will stay at the station for 10 days.

Those who are under the age of 45, have a bachelor's degree from education and medicine faculties in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, basic sciences and basic sciences, and have a very good command of English can apply for the Turkish space traveler.

Candidates will need to have a height of 149.5-190.5 centimeters and a weight of 43-110 kilograms. Candidates who will seek 100 percent (Snellen20/20) visual acuity in both eyes naturally or after correction with glasses and contact lenses will be checked for blood pressure problems in the examinations to be made.

Applications will be received until June 23, 2022 at 20:23 at the address onuzuna.gov.tr. Requests such as additional information, documents and verification will be requested from the candidates who pass the first application stage. Candidates will be tested, examined and examined, and will be interviewed for their English language skills. At the end of all these processes, the number of candidates will be reduced to 2. One of these two candidates will be the first Turk to land on the International Space Station.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech to the nation after the Cabinet Meeting. Speaking after the meeting at the Presidential Complex, Erdoğan made the following statement regarding the Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission:


About a year ago, from this lectern, I explained our National Space Program for a Turkey that puts forward its claim in the field of space. Now I am calling out to our young people watching us on the screens. I have shared with you 10 ambitious but grounded goals that we have determined to protect our country's rights and interests in space, befitting Turkey and our civilization. We are progressing step by step in a wide range of target titles, from reaching the moon to creating a space ecosystem, from establishing permanent international partnerships to developing human resources.


Today, I would like to share with you an important announcement regarding one of our goals. We now know very well that political independence in the world passes through technological independence. As Turkey, we are working to train the necessary human resources, build the infrastructure and superstructure, and raise awareness in this area in order to establish our technological independence. We are building a proactive Turkey in all aspects of technologies that determine the world order, from defense to manufacturing industry, from research and development to informatics.


In this respect, taking part in the space race is not a luxury for Turkey, it is an obligation. In order to be a pioneer in technology, it will be born from the experience to be gained in the field of space. kazanWe need to get our share of the things we deserve. Every goal we will achieve within the scope of the National Space Program will be a touchstone for Turkey's success in the new century. For a generation in Turkey, we watched and watched the countries' space race on black and white televisions.


With the vision of the National Technology Move, we want Turkish youth to be the leading actors of the space race. That's why, today, we will step together to a historical moment, a brand new threshold for our country. I'm sure, through the members of the press in this room, many people have dreamed of going to space from an early age, and there are still those who do. Yes, now that time has come.


Within the framework of our National Space Program, we are officially starting the process of sending a Turkish citizen to the international space station. Undoubtedly, this will be a national duty. Our citizen, whom we will send into space, will have the opportunity to carry out scientific tests and experiments that he or other scientists in Turkey want to do in a gravity-free space environment. We have created the address uyuza.gov.tr ​​to apply for this national mission.


All citizens of the Republic of Turkey, younger than 45 years of age, who meet the specified educational requirements, can apply for this position. Vedat Hodja (Bilgin) your situation does not fit. 2 candidates to be selected among the applications will receive all the necessary training for the process of going into space as our science ambassador. At the end of the training, one of these 2 candidates will be sent to the International Space Station in 2023 for the historical mission they have undertaken.


Undoubtedly, the flag most worthy of the sky is our crescent and star red flag. I believe that our friend, who will proudly carry our flag in space, will act as a role model for future generations with his knowledge and experience. Hopefully, like many other firsts that Turkey has experienced, it will be our government's responsibility to honor this historic step for our nation. I wish success to our future national hero, look, we still haven't forgotten Neil Amstrog, he was the first to go. One of us will go. Generations to come will not forget him. I wish this big step to be beneficial for our country, our nation, especially our youth.


With the technological developments, space has become one of the priority agenda items of the countries politically and economically. Space studies in Turkey accelerated in the 2000s. kazanwas. Important capabilities in the field of space with communication and earth observation satellites kazanTurkey will expand its domestic and national capabilities with a manned space mission. Thus, progress towards the goal of creating an ecosystem in this field with industrial and technology policies will accelerate.


Turkish Scientists will be able to send their experimental and scientific apparatus to the international space station together with the space traveler. Thus, it will be possible to conduct research in a gravity-free space environment. In the space mission that will last 10 days, this step will be taken especially for scientists who want to do scientific work in the space environment but have not had this opportunity until now.


Within the scope of these studies, the Turkish Space Agency was established in 2018 as the relevant institution of the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the Presidential Decree. Later, workshops were held to create the National Space Program. President Erdoğan introduced the National Space Program to the whole world with a magnificent ceremony on February 9, 2021. With the National Space Program, in which Turkey's 10-year vision, strategy, goals and projects in the field of space policies were revealed, the following 10 strategic goals were determined:


In the 100th anniversary of the Republic, a hard landing will be made on the Moon with a national and original hybrid rocket that will be fired in close Earth orbit with international cooperation. In the second stage, the first launch will be made, this time with a national rocket, and a soft landing will be made on the Moon.


A commercial brand that can compete with the world in the field of new generation satellite development will be created. Turkey's satellite production capability will be combined under a single national company, which will be established under the coordination of the Turkish Space Agency.


The regional positioning and timing system of Turkey will be developed. In this regard, critical technologies will be invested through guided projects.


A spaceport operation will be established to provide access to space. The most suitable launch area and technology for Turkey will be determined. Launch facility infrastructure will be established.


By investing in the field called space weather or meteorology, competence in space will be increased. In particular, ionosphere research will be supported. A unit will be created to collect space observations.


Turkey will be brought to a more competent position in astronomical observations and tracking of space objects from the ground. With radio telescopes, scientists will be able to study radio waves from space. Active satellites and space junk will be tracked from the ground and from space.


In the field of space, integrated studies will be carried out with the industrial cluster. Space technology products and services will be exported. Employment will be created for highly qualified human resources.


Together with METU, a space technology development zone will be established to host local and foreign investors. SMEs with the skills that can be recruited into the space field with appropriate incentive mechanisms will be provided in this region.


Space awareness will be created in order to develop effective and competent human resources in the field of space. Graduate and doctorate scholarships will be awarded in clearly defined fields. National and international summer schools, courses and workshops will be organized.


A Turkish citizen will be sent to space on a science mission. Thus, Turkey will have the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments by making use of the infrastructure of the international space station. Turkey's visibility in space will increase.


With the realization of the Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission in the National Space Program, Turkey will have the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments by making use of the infrastructure of the international space station. With this prestigious mission, Turkey will be among the countries that send its citizens into space. At the same time, the interest of the younger generation in space studies will increase.

The general requirements for candidates are as follows:

*Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

*Being born after May 23, 1977,

* Being not prohibited from public rights,

*To have completed one of the faculties of Education and Medicine in the fields of Engineering, Science / Basic Sciences, Natural Sciences, which provide at least 4 years of undergraduate education in Higher Education Institutions,

* Have a very good command of English.

*Height: 149,5-190,5 centimeters,

*Weight: 43-110 kilograms.

Some of the general health criteria to be considered in the selection of candidates are as follows:

  • To have 100 percent visual acuity in both eyes naturally or after correction with glasses/contact lenses,
  • Not having any of the color vision disorders,
  • Not using a prosthesis and not having a platinum/screw in the body,
  • Have normal range of motion and functionality for all joints,
  • Having blood pressure / blood pressure below 155/95, not having a chronic heart and vascular system disease,
  • Have not experienced panic disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorder, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, insomnia or other severe personality disorders,
  • Have not experienced alcohol, drug/stimulant or drug addiction,
  • No fear of darkness, heights, speed, accidents, crowds, suffocation/suffocation, clutter, loneliness/isolation, confined/confined spaces,
  • Not experiencing nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, tremor, MS (multiple sclerosis), stroke (stroke).


Candidates will register to the application system from the address ofuzuna.gov.tr ​​in order to apply for the post. Applications will not be accepted except for applications made through the system. Applications can be made until 23:2022 on 20 June 23 at the latest. Candidates will be evaluated according to the statements and documents they have entered into the Application System during their application. In case of missing or misleading information in any of the entered information and documents, the application will be deemed invalid.


Applicants who pass the first stage will be asked for additional information, documents, verification, tests, examinations and examinations so that they can move on to the next evaluation stages. Candidates to be called for an interview will be determined after a detailed evaluation process. Candidates who are eliminated in the comprehensive evaluation processes to be applied before or after the interview will not be able to claim any rights.


As a result of all these stages, 2 candidates selected will be employed by TUA or TUBITAK for 10 years. All developments and announcements related to the process will be made on the site atuzuna.gov.tr.


The International Space Station was placed into Earth orbit in 1998. Over the past 24 years, 150 billion dollars have been invested in the station. More than 3 experiments in the fields of human research, biology and biotechnology, physics and materials sciences, technology development, earth and space sciences were carried out at the station. To date, 20 people, mostly scientists, from 258 different countries, have visited the International Space Station.

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