The 11st Freight Train Carrying Its Exports to the World in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone With Applause

The Thousand Pearl Train, Carrying Its Exports to the World in Manisa OIZ, Blessed With Applause
The 11st Train Carrying the Exports of Manisa OSB to the World Blessed With Applause

1964 Exports of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB), which was established in 224 by businessperson Hasan Türek and his friends as the second Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey, employing 60 industrial establishments and 11 thousand people, where most of the international investors are today, to the world. He bid farewell to the pearl train with applause.


Manisa Organized Industry Chairman of the Board Sait Türek, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager Hasan Gezük, OSB Board members, MOSB Regional Manager Funda Karaboran, MOSB President Advisor Nihat Akyol, MOS Lojistik A.Ş managers and industrialists attended. To date, 100 thousand containers have been safely transported by rail between the surrounding ports and the Region on 2010 train journeys.


Noting that as MOSB, they reached a foreign trade volume of 2021 Billion 9 Million Dollars in 600, Manisa Organized Industry Chairman of the Board Sait Türek said, “Our Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, which was established in 1964 as the second Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey, has always been a pioneer with every project it has realized so far. It became an organized industrial zone. Today, as one of the strongest Organized Industrial Zones of our country, we offer employment opportunities to 224 thousand people with our 60 facilities currently operating. As a Region that hosts 14 foreign investors from 39 countries, we are an internationally preferred Organized Industrial Zone. Reaching a foreign trade volume of 2021 Billion 9 Million Dollars in 600, our Region produced 1 Billion 400 Million Dollars foreign trade surplus by producing value-added products. Economies that are strong in international markets are those that have effective strategies in the business world. Among these strategies, logistics and supply chain management are at the forefront of creating competitive advantage. Our Logistics Center, which adds strength to our strength today and is an exemplary initiative of our Region, was established on an area of ​​306 thousand square meters in the fifth part of our Region, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. Our Logistics Center, which is “Turkey's first Private Logistics Center”, opened with the participation of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our ministers, has been serving our industrialists since 2010.” said.


Türek said, “Railways is a superstructure investment that offers safe, environmentally friendly and planned transportation. Since the establishment of our Logistics Center, the number of train services has reached 11 in total, and the rail transport of 500 thousand containers between the surrounding ports and our Region has been completed safely. The container full of products for the 388 thousand units we send to the world is the sweat of the industrialist from Manisa. TCDD Transportation Inc. While 388 percent of the containers loaded on the locomotive and attached wagons allocated to our railway transports are made up of empty containers, 25 percent of the containers are made up of containers loaded with full products and the unloaded shipment of wagons is prevented. 75 percent of the production, which continues to increase every year in our Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, is sent to 80 different countries of the world as export goods. Our aim is to transport all shipments to ports via railroad. Our business partner TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. We are happy to be together with his family for the farewell of our 155 thousand 11st train today. We hope that this strong cooperation will set an example for our entire country. Let's establish other good collaborations like us," he said.


Underlining that Manisa OSB is a great exemplary role model for other industrial organizations in railway transportation, TCDD General Manager Pezük said; Explaining that the connection of the Organized Industrial Zones, which are the production centers, to the main railway network with junction lines, is of great importance in terms of freight transportation, Pezük said, “Under the leadership of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a junction line connection is made to the OIZ and large industrial establishments in order to increase door-to-door transportation in railways. Thus, a significant reduction in transportation costs, which have a significant share in costs, and the fact that our industrialists deliver their products to the markets economically and quickly, increases the competitiveness and makes a significant contribution to the development of the country. The most concrete example of this successful organization is the transportation of 11 million 500 thousand tons of freight with 4 freight train services operated to date. The transportation, which started between Manisa OIZ and Alsancak in the first stage, has now increased even more with the connection to Aliağa and Nemprot ports. As of today, 600 freight trains are operated regularly and an annual load carrying capacity of 4 thousand containers and 53 thousand tons is provided, contributing to the development of our country, our Aegean region and our industrialists. Manisa Organized Industrial Zone Logistics Center plays a key role in opening logistics companies to international markets. Manisa Organized Industry Logistics Center has a great role to play in transporting the cargoes coming from Anatolia to Europe via İzmir Port and marketing the products of our Manisa producers to the domestic and foreign markets. The biggest aim of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone Logistics Center and TCDD Transportation is to make Manisa, the pearl of the Aegean, a brand in Turkey and in the world, with its agricultural products and advanced industry. ” he stated.

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