Safe Transportation Provided Between İkisu Bridge and Türkeli Ayancık

Safe Transportation Provided Between Twosu Bridge and Turkeli Ayancik
Safe Transportation Provided Between İkisu Bridge and Türkeli Ayancık

The İkisu Bridge, which provides transportation between Sinop's Ayancık and Türkeli districts, and the Şevki Şentürk Bridges in the city center of Ayancık, within the scope of the works initiated for the improvement and construction of the bridges that were destroyed and damaged by the disaster that started on August 11 last year, It was put into service with the participation of Minister of Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu and the accompanying delegation.

“There is a Turkey that is much more ready for all natural disasters”

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said that the state and the nation joined hands and quickly healed the wounds opened after the flood disaster that caused great destruction in our provinces of Sinop, Kastamonu and Bartın, and that they worked with all their might so that the citizens' life could return to normal as soon as possible. He stated that there is a Turkey that is much more ready for all natural disasters, be it earthquakes.

“We did not leave a village we did not reach, a road we did not look at, a street we did not enter”

Underlining that they mobilized all units of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to help those who were damaged in the flood, our Minister said, “We delivered all kinds of personnel, tools and equipment to the disaster areas in a very short time. We did not leave a village we did not visit, a road we did not see, a street we did not enter. We didn't knock on the door of the house, we didn't put a single citizen we were unaware of. We quickly transferred our brothers who were trapped in dangerous areas to safe areas. We brought a car ferry to Türkeli for the evacuation of our citizens in Ayancık and Türkeli with their vehicles and safely delivered them to the İnebolu Port of Kastamonu. Until the transition between Türkeli and Çatalzeytin, we brought our citizens back to their families and loved ones by helicopter. We collected 64 cubic meters of logs, which flowed into the sea during floods and endangered the maritime traffic, from the sea with the steel mesh system we applied for the first time. We intervened in all processes with an institutional and professional approach and solutions during and after the disaster, and we quickly dispatched our Highways teams to the roads affected by the flood.” said.

Reminding that 115 kilometers of roads were damaged and 8 bridges were destroyed in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop, Minister continued as follows: “In Kastamonu; We built the new Çatalzeytin Bridge, which provides the connection between Türkeli and Çatalzeytin, in a record time of 52 days. We completed the Kumluca-69 Bridge in Bartın in 2 days. Then we put the Kavlakdibi Bridge into service. Immediately after the disaster, we started working with our construction equipment and personnel throughout Sinop. We quickly cleared the dirt on the roads. We have done fortification and asphalting works. Instead of the destroyed bridges, we quickly opened all the roads and damaged sections in the region to traffic with the panel bridge and prefabricated culverts built within 48 hours. We have promised you that we will build our permanent roads and bridges as soon as possible, and we are fulfilling our promises one by one. On November 29, 2021, we completed the 110-meter-long Ayancık Terminal Bridge and opened it to traffic in a record time of 80 days. Then, in December, we completed the 144-meter-long Şevki Şentürk Bridge, which we built on Ayancık Stream, and put it into service. With Ayancık Terminal Bridge and Şevki Şentürk Bridge, we have established uninterrupted and comfortable transportation on both sides of Ayancık City Center.”

“Each new road built adds life to the employment, production, trade, culture and art of the places they pass through”

Expressing that they provide safe transportation between Türkeli and Ayancık with the production of İkisu Bridge and junction, Minister Karaimailoğlu said that on the Ayancık Stream, instead of the damaged İkisu Bridge, a new 140-meter-long İkisu Bridge was built in the direction of the new route; The bridge, of which 68 bored piles were used in its construction, was established with 5 spans and it will serve vehicle traffic with bitumen hot mixture coating at much better standards than the old bridges. reported that they did.

“Each new road built adds to the employment, production, trade, culture and art of the places they pass through.” Emphasizing that, Minister Çavuşoğlu concluded his words by stating that they have implemented transportation and communication projects that will pave the way for investments that will improve Sinop's tourism activities, maritime, agriculture and industry, and that they are continuing new ones:

“We have invested over 20 billion liras in Sinop's transportation and communication infrastructure in the last 19 years. In 2003, there was only 4 kilometers of divided roads, we made a further 126 kilometers and increased it to 130 kilometers in total. We built 11 tunnels with a total length of 928 meters. Since 6, we have completed 2003 bridges with a length of 9 thousand 586 meters and put them at the disposal of the people of Sinop. With the project value exceeding 98 billion liras at the moment; Our 5 separate highway projects such as Boyabat Ring Road, Sinop Ayancık State Highway, Türkeli-Ayancık Split-Taşköprü Boyabat Split Road, Türkeli-Ayancık Split Erfelek-Sinop-Boyabat Split Provincial Highway, Dikmen-Durağan Highway and Saraydüzü-Kargı-Osmancık Junction Road are continuing. is doing. In addition, the construction works of our roads damaged by the flood continue. We build and put into service the rapidly destructed roads and demolished bridges to a much higher standard than before. We will also start important works on village roads.”

Highways teams and related public institutions responded to the disaster immediately

Speaking at the opening, General Manager Uraloğlu stated that in Sinop, they determined that 564 kilometers of the 54-km road under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways was damaged, that the Terminal and Şevki Şentürk bridges in Ayancık city center were destroyed, one opening of the İkisu Bridge was damaged. He reminded that the relevant public institutions and teams immediately intervened in the situation.

We quickly started rebuilding

Uraloğlu, in the studies initiated for the return of transportation to normal; With the filling and fortification made on the destroyed part of the İkisu Bridge, the edge was formed and on August 14, 2021; In the city center of Ayancık, on the Ayancık Stream, first a single-lane bridge was built on 17 August, and then a temporary bridge was built on August 19, and it was opened to double-lane traffic on XNUMX August. He stated that the construction works have started rapidly to rebuild the damaged sections between Ayancık, between Yeni Konak-Erfelek, and between Ayancık-Yeni Konak.

The traces of the flood disaster were erased in a short time with the works carried out.

Stating that the Ayancık Terminal Bridge was opened to traffic on November 29, 2021 and the Şevki Şentürk Bridge was opened to traffic on December 29, 2021, Uraloğlu said that the Şevki Şentürk Bridge, located on the Ayancık Stream, is 144 m long, and the ground reinforced with the manufacture of 86 bored piles. It was built on 5 spans and will serve vehicle traffic in a single road standard with bituminous hot mix coating; Sharing the information that the İkisu Bridge was established with a length of 91 m from the new route determined at a point close to the damaged 140 m previous bridge, within the scope of the main work items of the bridge; He added that 3.650 m³ of Concrete, 517 tons of Reinforced Concrete Iron, 1.116 pieces of Bored Pile with a length of 68 m, 50 pieces of Prefabricated Beams, 190 tons of Bituminous Hot Mixture were manufactured.

Stating that they erased the traces of the flood disaster with the construction works completed in a short time, General Manager Uraloğlu said that after the bridges put into service in the city center of Ayancık, they provided comfortable transportation and safe access in the region with the İkisu Bridge, which was built on the route connecting the district to Türkeli and the west along the Black Sea coast.

After the speeches, Minister Karaismailoğlu, General Manager Uraloğlu and the accompanying delegation cut the opening ribbon and opened the bridges.

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