Pay Attention To These While Giving Children Toilet Training!

Pay Attention to These While Giving Children Toilet Training
Pay Attention To These While Giving Children Toilet Training!

Toilet training improves the child's toilet habits kazanAlthough it is said that 18-24 months is the most suitable time for toilet training, according to my experience, the success rate in toilet training given after the age of 2.5 is high. It is very important that both the child and the family are ready for toilet training.

So what are these signs of readiness?

  • Your child should be able to stay dry for 2-3 hours during the day.
  • He must be showing that he's uncomfortable with his diaper now.
  • He's saying words like pee, poop, and he must be taking your instructions.
  • walking skill kazanmust have been.
  • He should be able to lift and lower his own sweatpants.
  • Have an interest in using the seat.
  • He must not be going through a traumatic period. (This training should not be given immediately after events such as death, separation, divorce, or any accident.)
  • If your child can do these skills, it means he is ready for toilet training.

So how do we, as parents, know when we are ready?

After receiving our child's symptoms, if we are emotionally ready to give this education, we can start to give education. Toilet training, of course, is a labor-intensive process. In this process, your child may sneak, force you, not tell the toilet or have fears about using the toilet. In this situation, it is very important to remain calm and to show a supportive attitude. It is very important to provide this training at a time when we are also emotionally well.

Do not put this training at the center of your life during the toilet training period. Of course, take time for this, follow up, but always ask the child 'Did you come to the toilet?' Asking, giving exaggerated reactions when he/she does or cannot go to the toilet causes him/her to perceive the process as abnormal.

It is very important to praise your child's success while toilet training and to support him with sentences such as 'yes, you did, I appreciate this behavior, bravo to you'.

Once you remove the diaper while toilet training, you should not wear it again. In cases such as going out, we can get support from training pants, not diapers.

The cloth can be removed at night by attaching a protector under the bed. We can lift it for the toilet 2 hours after sleeping the first night. If there has been an accident up to this hour, we can wake him up half an hour earlier the next night to catch the time his toilet arrives. Once you remove it, we don't need to remove it until you do.

For night training, we should be careful to reduce fluid intake 2 hours before bedtime.

There is no such thing as a failure in toilet training. Your child may fail in toilet training. This indicates that he is not quite ready. In such a case, you can take a break for 4-8 weeks and try to train again.

If your child does not have the habit of holding the toilet until the age of 4 kazanIf not, I suggest you consult a specialist.

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