May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day Celebration from the General Manager of TCDD Transportation

May Labor and Solidarity Day Celebration from TCDD Transport General Manager
May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day Celebration from the General Manager of TCDD Transportation

May 1, celebrated as the day of unity, solidarity and solidarity in all countries, is a special day when different views and thoughts come together around the sanctity of labor.

May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day, which is the day of sweat, physical strength, light of the eye, and right, is celebrated in order to express various problems in business and working life, to put forward solutions, to eliminate possible problems between the employee and the employer and to establish mutual balances within the framework of rights and law. .

Combining its experience and technology since 1856, the greatest contribution to the development and achievement of our country's goals and TCDD General Directorate of Transportation is the hard work and efforts of our workers.

With a total of 50 thousand personnel, 11 percent of whom are in the status of workers, we transport more than 600 thousand passengers per day on high-speed, mainline, regional, Marmaray and Başkentray trains, and 200 thousand with 91 train services per day, both domestic and international. We carry a net load of tons.

All railway workers who serve in unity and solidarity 7/24, 365 days, night and day, summer and winter, working every second with great care and diligence, are a big family.

I congratulate the 1 May Labor and Solidarity Day of my colleagues working in this big family and all the workers who make their living with hard work.

I hope this special day will pass in a festive atmosphere dominated by peace, tolerance and brotherhood, and I wish health, well-being and success to all my colleagues.

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📩 01/05/2022 10:52

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