Izmir Midilli Ferry Services Start on 17 June

Izmir Mytilene Ferries Start in June
Izmir Midilli Ferry Services Start on 17 June

📩 27/05/2022 15:04

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer announced that they will start the Izmir-Midilli voyages, which will accelerate the sea tourism, on 17 June. Before the first voyage to be made with the catamaran type İhsan Alyanak Ferry serving within İZDENİZ, Mayor of Lesbos Kytelis Stratis, Mayor Tunç Soyervisited . President Soyer said, “As we unite, our resistance against crises increases. Neighborhood is our destiny. It is up to us to use its wealth. So we can do more.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerContinuing its work in line with the goal of making Izmir one of the world's leading cities in the field of tourism, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to start Izmir-Midilli flights. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerİZDENİZ completed its work for the expeditions that were given the good news of Travel Turkey at the Izmir Tourism Fair. Meeting with the Mayor of Mytilene Kytelis Stratis before the first expedition, the President Tunç Soyer gave the good news. The first ferry service from Alsancak Port will start on Friday, 17 June in the morning.

Soyer: “We can do more”

The two presidents, who met yesterday at the Fair Izmir, were accompanied by the Greek Consul General to Izmir Despoina Balkiza, İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Hakan Erşen, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, Midilli Municipality council members and representatives of tourism organizations.

President Tunç Soyer“The whole world is in a crisis. Our countries are also in crisis. There is only one thing to do locally; to increase and unite our strength to overcome this crisis together. As we unite, our resistance to crises increases. That's why we've been in Athens, that's why we're trying to set up an expedition between Thessaloniki and Izmir. This is why we make the trips between Mytilene and Izmir. Because if progress is made with the nearest neighbor relations, it is possible to move forward. Neighborhood is our destiny. It is up to us to use its wealth. So we can do more. We want to do more not only in tourism, but also in every field such as culture, art, trade, sports, education and energy. There is a four-point work plan that we started with Athens, and we will move forward with them. If the relationship between peoples from city to city is strengthened, the intervention of governments will be less. Or they are compelled to support," he said. Soyer, who wants the tickets for the Lesbos line to be sold in Lesvos, also requested a gate visa from Despoina Balkiza, the Greek Consul General in Izmir, and said, “We do not plan to make a profit. Just keeping this line alive is the biggest contribution we will make to these cities. We want to see the same excitement from you.”

“Our will is very strong”

Stating that they will start promotions and that they want to have a successful season, Soyer said, “We believe in you, we will achieve this. Thank you all. We will do better, our will is very strong," he said.

Stratis: “What connects Lesbos and Izmir more than what separates them”

Mayor of Lesvos Kytelis Stratis said, “Let's connect with each other by sea as well. We get the opportunity to see both you and your fellow countrymen. We exchange ideas, share our products. Let's develop our municipalities after the two-year pandemic process. The things that connect the people of Mytilene and Izmir are more than what separates them. We feel that we are a people. As a local authority, we want to send a message to governments by building bridges, we want to show how close the two peoples want to be. We believe in the cooperation, friendship and brotherhood of the two peoples. Especially two municipalities. This is the message of the people of Mytilene. We hope that this meeting will be a further step towards the twin cities of the two cities. We are waiting for you in Lesbos”.

Despoina Balkiza, Consul General of Greece in Izmir, stated that they made the necessary demands for the gate visa.

First time on 17 June

The first ferry service from Alsancak Port will be on Friday, June 17 at 09.30. After a 2-hour 45-minute journey, the ferry will arrive at Mytilene. The ferry, which will stay in Lesvos for two days, will depart from Lesbos on Sunday, 19 June and return to Izmir. The number of Izmir-Midilli flights, which are planned to be made once a week, can be increased according to the incoming demands. The round trip fee, determined as 85 Euro, will be calculated over the daily exchange rate. The one-way fare will be 50 Euros. Turkey agency operations of the trips to be made with the catamaran type İhsan Alyanak ferry operating within İZDENİZ will be carried out by İZDENİZ. Ticket sales will be made online, and ticket sales service will be provided in the office to be established in Alsancak Port. Those who have a green passport and a Schengen visa will benefit from the trip.

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