How Much Was the Occupancy Rate in Istanbul Dams?

What is the Occupancy Rate in Istanbul Dams?
How Much Was the Occupancy Rate in Istanbul Dams?

The final state of the dam occupancy rates rising in Istanbul with the year 2022 is curious. Well, as of Tuesday, May 10, what were the dam occupancy rates in Istanbul?

After the winter months increased the intensity of snowfall compared to previous years, rainy days also affected Istanbul and this situation had a positive effect on the dam occupancy rates. Although the sun starts to show its face with the arrival of the spring months, it reduces the levels again, but the latest data continues to be curiously researched by the citizens. Finally, according to İSKİ data on May 10, 2022; The occupancy rate measured in Istanbul's dams decreased slightly and became 86.23.

The occupancy rate of 10 out of 8 dams supplying Istanbul with water exceeded 80%. While Alibey Dam is measured as 68.22 percent, Sazlıdere Dam has 68.42 percent occupancy rate. The only completely filled dam in Istanbul was Kazandere.

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