What is a Javelin Missile? What are the Javelin Missile Features?


What is the Javelin Missile? What is the Javelin Missile about the Javelin Missile, which is shown as the last hope of the Ukrainian army in the Russian war? What are the Javelin missile features? questions were on the agenda. So what is the Javelin Missile? What are the Javelin missile features?

Javelin missile, also known as FGM-148 Javelin It contains a laser-guided, high-temperature explosive with a warhead impact trigger that can be carried by military personnel. Thanks to the launcher tube carried by the personnel, it is locked to the target using laser electronic marking. It is an anti-tank missile called throw and forget. It is suitable for use on all armored ground vehicles, low speed aircraft, buildings, trenches and bunkers.

It is a launcher and missile system developed by the United States to replace the M47 Dragon anti-tank missile. Missiles are used at critical points due to their expensiveness. The reactive trigger warhead is too powerful even for reactive armors. It can tear apart even a fully protected tank.

anti tank missile fgm javelin
anti tank missile fgm javelin

Javelin can neutralize targets at a range of 2 meters. With the system with the fire & forget feature, the missile can reach the target without the guidance of the military personnel after the missile is locked on the target after other systems.

One of the biggest problems of the old systems was the decrease in the range and the probability of hitting the target in night shots rather than during the day. Javelin was produced with an infrared (IR) that is sensitive to heat image guidance system and this problem has been solved. One of the most dangerous features of the missile is 'Top Attack', that is, the ability to attack from the top of the tank, where the armor is weakest. When used in this mode, the missile takes altitude directly and dives to its target from its upper level. Another remarkable feature of the system is that it is ready to fire in 30 seconds and is ready for the second shot in 20 seconds. This feature provides a great opportunity in terms of speeding up personnel and destroying targets in military fields.

Javelin can be used not only for armored targets such as tanks, but also for targeting concrete structures and helicopters flying at low altitudes and landings. The US Army has 25 Javelin missiles and 6 launchers in its inventory. On the other hand, members of the PKK's Syrian branch, PYD/YPG, were seen using a US-made Javelin during the Raqqa operation. However, it is not known how many Javelin, which has superior features, has been given to the terrorist organization by the USA.

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