The Joint Use of the Police and Gendarme in BALİSTİKA Clarified More than 300 Events

The Joint Use of the Police and Gendarme in BALİSTİKA Clarified More than 300 Events
The Joint Use of the Police and Gendarme in BALİSTİKA Clarified More than 300 Events

After the joint use of the Ballistic Image Analysis and Recognition System between the Criminal Division of the General Directorate of Security and the Criminal Division of the Gendarmerie General Command, more than 1,5 unsolved incidents were clarified in 300 years.

Unsolved incidents can be clarified within minutes with the system used jointly in the 10 regional directorates of the Criminal Department of the General Directorate of Security and the criminal laboratories of the Gendarmerie General Command.

Nizam Kabar, Director of Samsun Regional Criminal Police Laboratory, said that BALİSTİKA is at a level that can compete with its peers in the world.

Explaining that when a hive from Samsun is loaded into the system from Samsun, it can be determined whether the gun that fired it was involved in an incident or not, wherever it is in Turkey, Kabar: In line with the instructions of our Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, in October 2020, BALİSTİKA, located in the gendarmerie criminal laboratory and 10 regional criminal police laboratories. integration was carried out. As a result, more than 300 unsolved incidents across the country have been clarified, he said.

100% Increase in Clarification of Events

Stating that the perpetrators of unsolved incidents can be identified more easily thanks to the system, Kabar emphasized that after the integration, the suspect cartridge cases and weapons obtained from the unsolved incidents that took place in the Samsun Criminal Police Laboratory Directorate region were linked and a 100 percent increase was achieved in the clarification of the incidents.

Stating that as a result of the integration, unsolved incidents were resolved in the shortest time, besides the correct, reliable and scientific methods, and the expertise reports were submitted to the judicial authorities, Kabar continued as follows: This system is a completely domestic and national system. Before this system was used, the archive of unsolved murders was within the body of our criminal police laboratory in each region.

Therefore, each of our district police labs was comparing the incoming and undetected cartridge cases with the suspect weapons. Later, the other region would rotate to our laboratories. He was then handed over to the gendarmerie. The Gendarmerie was also making comparisons of the hive, whose weapon was unknown, in its own archive of unknown perpetrators. This, of course, could take days, sometimes months.

After the integration of BALİSTİKA with the database of the gendarmerie criminal, this has become an extremely short process. Now, it is possible to detect which gun was fired from that bucket in minutes, not weeks, hours.

Greatest Rewards Creating a Feeling of Justice Done

Emphasizing that the system makes a significant contribution in terms of economy and time, Kabar said, If we had not made this system, we would have had to import it from abroad. Thus, our country economically kazanWe have provided. In terms of our judges and prosecutors in the judicial judiciary, reports will reach them in a very short time with the perpetrator identified. It also contributed to the fact that the files were closed much earlier as the time was shortened, he said.

Stating that the short time period for the comparison of the hives allows the personnel to concentrate on other works, Kabar said, "When we send the report to the judicial authorities because we have identified the perpetrator, we will be putting some ointment on the wounds of the victims. Arousing this feeling because justice has been done is our greatest reward in the works," he said.

Kabar pointed out that, as criminal police laboratories, they set out with the understanding of trust in evidence and trust in the state, and we carry out our work with completely objective and scientific methods.

All of our Police laboratories throughout Turkey, including our Samsun Regional Criminal Police Laboratory, are internationally accredited and have registered the principle of impartiality and the principle of illuminating the crime with the scientific methods they use. "This is a reflection of the struggle with science against crime," he said.

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